Virtual Verduria 
Are you Verdurian? A culture test

Visitor's Guide to Verduria

Welcome to Virtual Verduria! Whether you're a scholar of Verdurian, a RPG enthusiast, a tourist, or simply a bemused spectator, you've come to the right place!

Dobrežanul ad Prosice Verdúrian! Esli tu e visanom soe Sfahei, furom im ralinen rocurië, pasetec, iy santelece beďec akoterul, tu e im ďayen čelán!

Keeping in Touch
Talk about Almea!
The Almeopedia
An encyclopedic reference
The Ambassadorial Service
Special chums of Verduria
Learning materials
Lessons, dictionaries, etc.
Languages The drilldown
New! Dhekhnami
The Wede:i family
Old Skourene

Elkarîl / Writing
The system
The planet
Ereláe and its cultures
The Cadhinorian plain
The kingdom of Verduria
The province
The city
The Išira quarter
A Verdurian house
In the bedroom
A Verdurian desk
The Sounds of Almea What the languages sound like
Stories Almeology
The Multipliers God-Kings do not like change
A Munkhâshi life Propaganda, but for which side?
The rogues A forgotten deity is not harmless  
Effect/Countereffect It's a tough profession
Jeerio tries to find a job Is he up to the challenge?
The Count of Years First off, there was Creation

The Lord of News News from Verduria

The descent of lesüasi The biology of intelligent life
The Historical Atlas of Almea — in print form
Historical Atlas of Ereláe A 30,000-year pageant
Historical Atlas of Skouras Because it's too small in the main atlas / Text only / Culture test
Historical Atlas of Arcél The other continent
Almean Belief Systems Need a new religion?
Cuzeian Caďinorian Mešaist Endajué
Extras Behind the Scenes
Almea Civilization II scenario
The Language Construction Kit Write your own!
How'd I draw this stuff? General hints on drawing
Drawing Maps A quick tutorial
Sinusoidal Maps More map helps
The secret history of Verduria How this geekery got made

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