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Verduria was founded more than two thousand years ago, as Arénica (from Arosd, the Meťaiun name of the Eärdur delta). The ancient Caďinorians were not oriented toward the sea, so it remained a small town during the classical period, chiefly important due to the fortress of Arcaln, built by the emperor Ervëa.

It grew into an important port city (renamed Verdúria after the Etald Verduran, the 'Deep green plain' of northern Eretald) in the later Empire, and indeed served for a time as the Emperor's winter capital.

As barbarians invaded and the Empire shrank Verduria remained loyal to the Emperor; but its Lords (Sannoi) were effectively independent. However, the territory they controlled outside the city was limited to what is now Verduria province, till Lord Anabar married Ašeli of Zeir and their two dominions were merged.

Lord Caleon declared himself King in 2941, as a response to the irredentist arrogance of the latter-day Emperor of Žésifo, Ertala. Caleon conquered Žésifo and much of the northern Plain; his son Ževuran extended the kingdom well into the south, and his grandson Estdorot crossed the Ctelm mountains and liberated Sarnáe from the Dhekhnami.

The kingdom experienced a decline under the wizard usurper Utu and his successor Utu-On ("Utu again"), until it resurged under Tomao, founder of the modernizing Eleďe dynasty (3241). When the last of the Eleďî, Andrea, disappeared on a military mission, the Eschambra chose Mëranac 1e as king, establishing the Abolineron dynasty. Within a century the Abolinerons had descended into civil war, till peace was reestablished with the Vočnor dynasty.

After another usurpation (that of Onvaďra 2e), the present Vleteon dynasty was founded (3420). The first of the line, Vlaran, reestablished order in the kingdom, and his son Alric has continued wise and strong rule.

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