So Sanno Lebë-- "the Lord of News"-- is a contemporary Verdurian paper, a small-format, eight-pager published weekly by a printer with court connections. I will periodically post selected articles from it-- generally those most accessible to a terrestrial reader, but still giving a good picture of the paper's typical contents, as well as of what's going on in Verduria.

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SO SANNO LEBË 1,452. Verdúria-mazhtana. Néronden 10 olashu Z.E. 3480.

The king and the crown princess are present at the launch of the Tellädeca alati.

The ship, one of the most powerful of the merchant service, will take advantage of the easterly spring currents to make for Moreo Ashcai, put in at Leán, and then cross the northern ocean to Belesao, where a great trade in Verdurian manufactures for Belesao cotton, spices, tea, salt, and bronze goods is expected. The expedition will return in the fall.

King Alric addressed those present, commending the excellence of Captain Dorotádh Müsey, the commander of the expedition, and the courage and experience of his crew. Crown Princess Tilye accompanied her father, and her quiet dignity amid the speeches and prayers gladdened the hearts of observers.

The Tellädeca Alati is fifty paces long, with four masts and three decks above the hold. Besides Captain Müsey, its chief officers are Kazum Mizrahi, a Kebreni, and Calto Dineoney of Belushati. There are sixty crew members, including five women: the wives of two officers, a cook, and two cabin girls. It is one of only a dozen Verdurian vessels capable of the crossing to Belesao. It has made the crossing successfully before, two years ago; last year it travelled to Skouras, to Inex, and to Nan.

The expedition is financed by a consortium of thirty investors, organized at the Hall of the Sea Traders, and reflects a capitalization of over 30,000 orhuli, fully insured by the Sea Traders and four major banks.

Lady Ishária Lutulia has eloped with a commoner from Anaseri.

The young noble maiden, who is just seventeen years old, accepted the suit of one Lonric Altuneon, the second son of a brokerage clerk from Anaseri, and vanished with him, to the distress of both families.

Her mother, the Countess Lutulia, is said to be utterly distraught, and has been unable to attend her usual social engagements, while her father, Azhirey Count Ramar, vows to exact a terrible revenge upon Altuneon if his daughter's virtue is not preserved-- a hope which, however, observers of human nature would not expect to be fulfilled. He has sent horsemen on the trail of the couple but they have not been found.

Young Altuneon was Lady Ishária's music tutor; he was engaged eight months ago to teach her both the clavier and the flute. Because his family was known to the Lutilii, and because he had letters of recommendation from other noble families, it was not thought necessary to provide a chaperon for their tutoring sessions. Countess Lutulia attended many of them in any case, as her doctor had advised that she listen to the music of flutes to calm her nerves, which are high-strung.

A fellow lodger of Altuneon's has told us that the young man fell in love with the young noblewoman soon after he was hired, and that his sentiments were returned, to his great happiness. However, he suffered greatly knowing that Count Ramar would never consent to his daughter's engagement with an impecunious music tutor, and that his own father had advised him not to waste his energy on futile pursuits.

Lady Ishária has two older sisters, both of which married in the last two years-- events which must have quickened the young noblewoman's blood, though, fatally, none perceived it. She also has an older brother, Lord Ruzhnes, currently serving in the Navy.

The Count's men have scoured the highways of the province, and checked inns across the city; but they will not, we venture to say, succeed with these methods. In romances lovers frowned upon by fate find a haven in rude hovels, embracing in straw beds, the lady crying, perhaps, over her lost luxuries. But Altuneon was not, we believe, so foolish as to simply lead his beloved into misery. We believe he-- and she-- will be found in a noble house, most likely a former patron's. It is not the life Lady Ishária may have expected, but she will have her love, her pleasures, and a feather bed.

Shm Eleon seeks subscribers for a street lighting scheme.

Venamín Eleon, the well-known printer and researcher on Zëi street, is the agent for a group of civic-minded gentlemen who wish to extend the benefits of street lighting to the entire Ishira and Nochii boroughs.

The mininum subscription is 25 orhulî, and the total amount needed is expected to be 20,000 orhulî, which will pay for the construction of the lights as well as the hiring of a crew of lamp-lighters, who will light the lamps at sundown and extinguish them at midnight. There are already nearly a hundred subscribers, including the Mayor, Cont Monteneon, the Eledhe Patriarch of Nëron Mihel, such families as the Shayumorî and the Urushekî, and Clainozhu Zeirey, the publisher of this newspaper.

Shm Eleon for ten years has had a lamp outside his printing shop, and three years ago he organized his neighbors to put up lights along the whole of Zëi street between Lescey and Deuneon. The pleasantness of the illumination in the evening hours has been widely noted in the city, and according to the Guard, the incidence of crime and disturbances of the peace has been very much lessened.

The lamps burn with Kara oil, which burns longer and cleaner than animal fat or plant oils. Lamps burning Kara oil were first made in Zeirdan, but perfected by the researches of Shm Eleon. His most notable improvement was to allow for an indraft of air, which prevents the lamp from becoming obscured from grime within a few hours of lighting.

Besides those on Zëi street, the lamps have been erected in various places in the city, including the University, Plaz Navona in front of Nëron Mihel, and the Ontnaî So Fayét.

The king named our first ambassador to another planet.

The planet involved is known as Oikumene and is particularly important to the Eledhi of our land, since it is the home world of the Eleniki. Contact with this world is intermittent and somewhat dangerous, and occurs only by the will of powerful forces. Lavreno, the Patriarch of Verduria, will intercede with the Eledhe god for the ambassador's passage to his posting.

The King's man will be Ihano Caivuranei Atirey, a diplomat attached to the Foreign Ministry, of good but impoverished family, who has seen service in Svetla and Kebri. He has not previously travelled in spiritual realms.

The ambassadorship will be to the kingdom of Sverige, whose lawful monarch is Carl XVI Gustaf, to whom King Alric has written as a brother, "Wishing to cement the peaceful and harmonious relations which our two great sovereign realms share, to advance trade, to cooperate in the struggle against mutual enemies such as the demons of Dhekhnam, and to foster mutual understanding between our peoples," according to the letter from the King which Gn Atirey will carry to the king of Sverige as Alric's Plenipotentiary Minister.

Cont Monteneon has caused a proclamation to be posted throughout the kingdom, announcing Gn Atirey's appointment as Plenipotentiary Minister and executor of the King's law in Sverige, and urging the King's loyal subjects to offer Gn Atirey and his ministers all lawful assistance in the execution of their duties.

© 1998 by Mark Rosenfelder

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SO SANNO LEBè 1 452. Verdœria-ma½tana, nŽronden 10 ola§u Z.E. 3480.

So dalu er soa ana daluy eu ne isuvean TellŠdece alat‘

Soa navira, ana is soi‘ mu¶e guŽssi‘ im soan naviroran celdonisen, bruhme alihar soi‘ ori‘ sar‡n demee duisir Moreon A§cain, scafir u Lean‡n, er pro§e ¨ekan soa z‘a nanei ad Belesaon, kt‘ zet vi½ie esta celdona verdœrii ½usŠmei ke¶n‡ei pro l‡catin belesaei, sfetoin, ain, sel‡n, er la½elin selonei. So prosizel on½anme im peletin.

Alric Dalu mi½e kalloga soan r‘coran, eglŽrce so trasto§t‡t nabrei Dorot‡¶ei MŸseii, ke befelme so prosizel, er soa ¨avica er soi zoni facore li‘. Soa ana daluy, Tilye saza, cumlŠdne piro zi‘, er so tihy medro zi‘ cum soen kallogin er or‡tin incretre soem uemem be¶eci‘.

Soa TellŠdeca alati e gliny po padec imen, com par albin er ¶inen cirnuin ir nasinn‡en. A½ nabron MŸse’n, lunurul´ li‘ eu Kazum Mizrahi, kebrŽn, er Calto Dineoney Belu§at‘. Eu suedec uest´ im facoran, ke cumprene pan redelcen: soen ciren ¶uni‘ lunuruli‘, rŠlom, er ¶unin ebr‡kin. E an sul dec¶un verdœryi‘ naviri‘ ke epan ¨ekan ad Belesaon. Ya ¨ekne abbosnece e ¶un´ zon´; dernŽn zon‡n veturne êuran, Ineks‡n, er Nan‡n.

So prosizel ilet hipcure cumbut‡t ¶indec keladeci‘, ke zet colre ne SŠten i so´ Celdonec´ z‘‘, er tene bem‡t po ir 30 000 o¨ulen, er teplenem ake§ua Celdoneci‘ z‘‘ er par bol‘di‘ kunn‡i‘.

Telna I§‡ria Lutulia vela’re com iscun‡n Anaser‘

Soa frŠlina sulet‘ mela§t‘, ke ¨o tene sul dechŽp zonin, zaprinimce soa fsora Lonricei Altuneonei, ftore me¶ re¶ei kunn‡ei im Anaserin, er islelne cum ilun. êese it‘sir bol‘ce soin ¶unin ½en‡tin.

Mira li‘, Susluoma conta Ramara, acinom, e cumpogulece sad‘½ula, e ¨o epe dŽnuo imprilen ilisem isuv‡ti zi‘, dezike piro li‘, A½irey cont Ramar, proete nizener gšvtenece Altuneon, esli ya prenne so paktrogulam mece li‘Ñ ascuro ke, hoyan, be¶ec´ s‘nze uestu‘ ¨o vi½icele dy zet imprilcele. So cont voyre voyaki sur §ual‡n co berda soi‘ ¶uni‘, ac ¨o cam tr—unu.

So sulete Altuneon fue in¶ulom ala¶ee telnan I§‡rian; ilet mondne e ½oc´ ilia½yo§´ ilan imbemec er soa teclora er soa kena. Prokena so ½en‡t zi‘ so´ Lutuli´ ilet §rifce, er tence pis‡ cuesr‘core teli‘ ½en‡ti‘ mela§te‘, ¨o zet a§re ke fayre irlelec pro a§en ca‘ in¶ul‡tei. Acot‡l Susluoma conta esne ne mu§en, prokena so lekaro li‘ ilan konsre dy oe soa ala¶ea keni‘ pro im½elen so hum zi‘, ke e sotse.

Cumlo‘c Altuneonei tam sfahce dy so sulete zalŸbce soa suletŠ mela§tŠ syapros so debut‡n snuc‡tei zi‘, er dy so raspuyo li‘ tr—une plic, ke ilun done bolŠ lŽre½an. Sedau, dŽnuo suspilavne bol‘ce §e §rifec dy so cont Ramar nikagd‡ ¨o prinimcele celftena mece zi‘ nosan in¶ulom ala¶ee sam kunan, er dy so piro zi‘ ilun konsre ¨o gasfir dunea li‘ im mevin samsubrelen.

Telna I§‡ria tene ¶unem sŠdren mu¶e bomem, ka‘ so´ ¶un´ ca‘ ya marinu im dern‘in ¶unin zoninÑ mev´ ka‘ §esnu s‘nulŽce eitan so‡n krof‡n sulet‘i mela§t‘i, hoyan so sšr befelne dy nikto ¨o ulelne. Ot‡l tene bara¶um mu¶e bom, telne Ru½nes, ke dŽnuo snuce im naviroran.

So´ uest´ contei ya gravnu soi ¶iteli fetšre, er ronnu im prusin fsa soan ma½tanan; ac tam mifam mizec dy ¨o abbosmu cum ci-½uuin. Im soen coeliboen so´ besyun´ ka‘m so sšr sad‘½e tr—uu o§aa im ruden skalen, zam imbrakŸ im nuven stŠvei; soa mela§te §u§olote e§§ane teln‘ra zi‘. Ac Altuneon ¨o fue ot‡l nrŸsk, ¨edom, duisir besya zi‘ im ni½nyat‡n. äedom dy iluÑ er ilaÑ zam tr—uu im dom‡n mela§ten, lyš otinima§e mondecei i½e¶ei. äo e so elir ket vi½icele teln‘ I§‡ria, ac tente lŸbor zi‘, plerom zi‘, er nuva i‘½u‘.

êm Eleon sia telle hipcurem pro ftenan seltaven soem prosem

Venam’n Eleon, so impuyec er sascuriec incla‘ pros‘ i Z‘i, e so promovec oligun munese‘ belacatomi‘ ka‘ zuru primetan soi dobrefascom seltav‡tei prosi‘ t‘sen ke§anen i I§ira er Noii.

So hicet basasce hipcurec e 25 o¨ul´, er zet vi½ie dy so dimo tr—uŠm esme 20 000 o¨ul´, ka‘ platretŸ so seveam glazi‘ er ot‡l so mond‡t facore seltaveci‘, ka‘ seltavmu soem glazem zakat‡n er cam deseltavmu elno’n. Eu yat‡ prosice §atem hipcur´, cumprenul´ eu so äivo; so cont Monteneon; so Pera¨ Ele¶e N‘ronei Mihelei; tal´ ½en‡t´ com so´ êayumor´ er so´ Uru§ek´, er Claino½u Zeirey ke imlele ci-tutanŽl.

Pro dec zonin êm Eleon dŽnuo tence glaza dšr soan impuyn‡en zi‘, er eu ¶in´ zon´ cuncolre —uandi zi‘ sevan glazem co t‘sen prosian i Z‘i cel prosen Lescey er Deuneon. Mu§´ im soan ma½tanan ulelnu kedimo soa suriluve horen v‘erei fue cre‘; er mis so cilu dy ya zet muannu ara§— so ust‡t trav‘tei er so´ prosec´ delend‡t´.

So´ glaz´ t§uru ab cŸen Kare, ke t§ure mu¶e lengece er mu¶e ¶aulece dy azipa iy cŸ´ ve½i‘. Tu perece fa§§e glazem cŸei Kare im Zeirdan‡n, ac êm Eleon cam cumpu½ne ab visanoin zi‘. So immelior‡t zi‘ so mu¶e suzanŠm fue sylelen im§alean voitec is dšr‡n; tot desŸe dy soa glaza zet fu½e ab fulyon i½ peyen horen apros so‡n seltavat‡n.

A½ tot im prosian i Z‘i, tu sevne soem glazem im desin elin soe ma½tane, le¶ad ne soan êriftan‡en, im plaz‡n Navona pr´ N‘ron‡n Mihel‡n, er ne Ontn‡en So FayŽt.

So dalu lunurne perem dalom ta‘ otren dunalal‡n.

So dunal‡l mizete zet nome Oikumene er e lyš agolŠm soen Ele¶en scur‘ ta‘, prokena e so per½ano soi‘ Elenico‘. Netrogan ci-almea e celo§§e er tidimo vŠreme, er ¨o ½e sul ab vulein esti‘ vyo½i‘. Lavreno Pera¨ N‘ronei Mihelei propresrete cum so‡n A¶‡n Ele¶i‘ pro ½oren veturean dalomei so‡n el‡n lunur‡tei.

So dalom esme Ihano Caivuranei Atirey, bocteicom im Re¶reo i ruscur‘, is ½enat‡n dobren ac imlicrul‡n. Ya snucne im Svetlan er Kebrin, ac ¨o ya veturne i½e¶ece im na½in itianei.

So dalom‡t e d‡luan i Sverige, dy so amr‡bise dalu k‘ e Carl 16e Gustaf, ken crivne Alric dalu §e bara¶un, <Cum zur‡n inte¨en so meas peil er cumbutisem ket intoru soi ¶uni esti satri na½i ta‘, nurir soa celdona, colapren im brigat‡n ak cellisen vrakin com soin ktuvokin Äeknamei, er nurir oterim cellisem cel ½enin ta‘> mis soa pis‡ ket Gn Atirey §e Dalom plencun‘se nasitme dalun i Sverige.

So cont Monteneon ya §esne lelen proikiba fsa soan daluan, ke gla§e so lunur‡t Gn Atireii §e Dalom plencun‘se er incapec amrabei Verdœr‘ im Sverigen, er prese dy ci-pa½iom primetane Gn Atire’n er re¶rŽen li‘ t‘sŠ colapreca amrabisŠ im soan incapiyen sfau‘ ca‘.

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SO SANNO LEBË 1 452. Verdúria-mazhtana, néronden 10 olashu Z.E. 3480.

So dalu er soa ana daluy eu ne isuvean Tellädece alatë.

Soa navira, ana is soië mudhe guéssië im soan naviroran celdonisen, bruhme alihar soië chorië sarán demeche duisir Moreon Ashcain, scafir u Leanán, er proshe rhekan soa zëa nanei ad Belesaon, ktë zet vizhie esta celdona verdúrii zhusämei kedhnáei pro lácatin belesaei, sfetoin, chain, selán, er lazhelin selonei. So prosizel onzhanme im peletin.

Alric Dalu mizhe kalloga soan rëcoran, eglérce so trastoshtát nabrei Dorotádhei Müseii, ke befelme so prosizel, er soa rhavica er soi zoni facore lië. Soa ana daluy, Tilye saza, cumlädne piro zië, er so tihy medro zië cum soen kallogin er orátin incretre soem uemem bedhecië.

Soa Tellädeca alati e gliny po padec chimen, com par albin er dhinen cirnuin ir nasinnáen. Azh nabron Müseín, lunurulî lië eu Kazum Mizrahi, kebrén, er Calto Dineoney Belushatë. Eu suedec uestî im facoran, ke cumprene pan redelcen: soen ciren dhunië lunurulië, rälom, er dhunin ebrákin. E an sul decdhun verdúryië navirië ke epan rhekan ad Belesaon. Ya rhekne abbosnece e dhunî zonî; dernén zonán veturne Shuran, Ineksán, er Nanán.

So prosizel ilet hipcure cumbutát dhindec keladecië, ke zet colre ne Säten i soî Celdonecî zëë, er tene bemát po ir 30 000 orhulen, er teplenem akeshua Celdonecië zëë er par bolëdië kunnáië.

Telna Ishária Lutulia velaíre com iscunán Anaserë.

Soa frälina suletë melashtë, ke rho tene sul dechép zonin, zaprinimce soa fsora Lonricei Altuneonei, ftore medh redhei kunnáei im Anaserin, er islelne cum ilun. Shese itësir bolëce soin dhunin zhenátin.

Mira lië, Susluoma conta Ramara, acinom, e cumpogulece sadëzhula, e rho epe dénuo imprilen chilisem isuváti zië, dezike piro lië, Azhirey cont Ramar, proete nizener gövtenece Altuneon, esli ya prenne so paktrogulam mece lië-- chascuro ke, hoyan, bedhecî sënze uestuë rho vizhicele dy zet imprilcele. So cont voyre voyaki sur shualán co berda soië dhunië, ac rho cam tróunu.

So sulete Altuneon fue indhulom aladhee telnan Ishárian; ilet mondne e zhocî iliazhyoshî ilan imbemec er soa teclora er soa kena. Prokena so zhenát zië soî Lutuliî ilet shrifce, er tence pisá cuesrëcore telië zhenátië melashteë, rho zet ashre ke fayre irlelec pro ashen caë indhulátei. Acotál Susluoma conta esne ne mushen, prokena so lekaro lië ilan konsre dy oe soa aladhea kenië pro imzhelen so hum zië, ke e sotse.

Cumloëc Altuneonei tam sfahce dy so sulete zalübce soa suletä melashtä syapros so debután snucátei zië, er dy so raspuyo lië tróune plic, ke ilun done bolä lérezhan. Sedau, dénuo suspilavne bolëce she shrifec dy so cont Ramar nikagdá rho prinimcele celftena mece zië nosan indhulom aladhee sam kunan, er dy so piro zië ilun konsre rho gasfir dunea lië im mevin samsubrelen.

Telna Ishária tene dhunem sädren mudhe bomem, kaë soî dhunî caë ya marinu im dernëin dhunin zonin-- mevî kaë shesnu sënuléce echitan soán krofán suletëi melashtëi, hoyan so sör befelne dy nikto rho ulelne. Otál tene baradhum mudhe bom, telne Ruzhnes, ke dénuo snuce im naviroran.

Soî uestî contei ya gravnu soi dhiteli fetöre, er ronnu im prusin fsa soan mazhtanan; ac tam mifam mizec dy rho abbosmu cum ci-zhuuin. Im soen coeliboen soî besyunî kaëm so sör sadëzhe tróuu oshaa im ruden skalen, zam imbrakü im nuven stävei; soa melashte shushcholote eshshane telnëra zië. Ac Altuneon rho fue otál nrüsk, rhedom, duisir besya zië im nizhnyatán. Rhedom dy ilu-- er ila-- zam tróuu im domán melashten, lyö otinimashe mondecei izhedhei. Rho e so elir ket vizhicele telnë Ishária, ac tente lübor zië, plerom zië, er nuva iëzhuë.

Shm Eleon sicha telle hipcurem pro ftenan seltaven soem prosem.

Venamín Eleon, so impuyec er sascuriec inclaë prosë i Zëi, e so promovec oligun muneseë belacatomië kaë zuru primetan soi dobrefascom seltavátei prosië tësen keshanen i Ishira er Nochii.

So hicet basasce hipcurec e 25 orhulî, er zet vizhie dy so dimo tróuäm esme 20 000 orhulî, kaë platretü so seveam glazië er otál so mondát facore seltavecië, kaë seltavmu soem glazem zakatán er cam deseltavmu elnochín. Eu yatá prosice shatem hipcurî, cumprenulî eu so Rhivo; so cont Monteneon; so Perarh Eledhe Nëronei Mihelei; talî zhenátî com soî Shayumorî er soî Urushekî, er Clainozhu Zeirey ke imlele ci-tutanél.

Pro dec zonin Shm Eleon dénuo tence glaza dör soan impuynáen zië, er eu dhinî zonî cuncolre óuandi zië sevan glazem co tësen prosian i Zëi cel prosen Lescey er Deuneon. Mushî im soan mazhtanan ulelnu kedimo soa suriluve horen vëcherei fue crechë; er mis so cilu dy ya zet muannu arashó so chustát travëtei er soî prosecî delendátî.

Soî glazî tshuru ab cüen Kare, ke tshure mudhe lengece er mudhe dhaulece dy azipa iy cüî vezhië. Tu perece fashshe glazem cüei Kare im Zeirdanán, ac Shm Eleon cam cumpuzhne ab visanoin zië. So immeliorát zië so mudhe suzanäm fue sylelen imshalean voitec is dörán; tot desüe dy soa glaza zet fuzhe ab fulyon izh peyen horen apros soán seltavatán.

Azh tot im prosian i Zëi, tu sevne soem glazem im desin chelin soe mazhtane, ledhad ne soan Shriftanáen, im plazán Navona prî Nëronán Mihelán, er ne Ontnáen So Fayét.

So dalu lunurne perem dalom taë otren dunalalán.

So dunalál mizete zet nome Oikumene er e lyö agoläm soen Eledhen scurë taë, prokena e so perzhano soië Elenicoë. Netrogan ci-almea e celoshshe er tidimo väreme, er rho zhe sul ab vulein estië vyozhië. Lavreno Perarh Nëronei Mihelei propresrete cum soán Adhán Eledhië pro zhoren veturean dalomei soán chelán lunurátei.

So dalom esme Ihano Caivuranei Atirey, bocteicom im Redhreo i ruscurë, is zhenatán dobren ac imlicrulán. Ya snucne im Svetlan er Kebrin, ac rho ya veturne izhedhece im nazhin itianei.

So dalomát e dáluan i Sverige, dy so amrábise dalu kë e Carl 16e Gustaf, ken crivne Alric dalu she baradhun, <Cum zurán interhen so meas peil er cumbutisem ket intoru soi dhuni esti satri nazhi taë, nurir soa celdona, colapren im brigatán ak cellisen vrakin com soin ktuvokin Dheknamei, er nurir oterim cellisem cel zhenin taë> mis soa pisá ket Gn Atirey she Dalom plencunëse nasitme dalun i Sverige.

So cont Monteneon ya shesne lelen proikiba fsa soan daluan, ke glashe so lunurát Gn Atireii she Dalom plencunëse er incapec amrabei Verdúrë im Sverigen, er prese dy ci-pazhiom primetane Gn Atireín er redhréen lië tësä colapreca amrabisä im soan incapiyen sfauë caë.

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