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The Ambassadorial Service
Students of Verdurian
Learning Verdurian (and other Almean languages)

Ah, careless Time, who stomps '90s websites into oblivion. Many of these paragraphs used to have links.

The Ambassadorial Service [To top]

The Verdurians have not exactly been seeking this. After all, they live on another planet and as they say, Řo eu gruřî esë-- "It's not any of my turnips." But they have been asked to establish diplomatic relations with several nations on the planet they call Oikumene and we, less euphoniously, the earth.
The Kingdom of Sweden
The Verdurian embassy was established in 1998 in Linköping, or Bruramérs, under the genial direction of Ihano Claivuranei Atirey. The picture on the embassy's page, though pretty, is of Linköping, not Verduria.

The Island of Sango Jingo
The inhabitants of Sango Jingo speak DiLingo, the guttural utteral. They are ten-dimensional beings but waste 6 or 7 of them. I think the philosopher Mick Jagger had something to say about that.
This embassy is located in the city of Aragona Tegire, in the country of Tegireserana, on the planet Athanire, and accredited to the benevolent Tigerian leader, Jonathana Tegire. As a concession to the consonant-cluster-averse Tigerians, the king has appointed as ambassador the worthy Letidan Capirei Gunoro.
The King has recently accepted the credentials of Zethrofûn Shnâburûkâl, ambassador from Athnia on the planet Rezia. Gn Idurul Getemilei Coržey of the Ambassadorial Service will serve as the King's Man on Athnia.

Students of Verdurian [To top]

Although all visitors to Virtual Verduria are welcome, some have distinguished themselves for their extraordinary interest in Almea, Verduria, or the Verdurian language, which Le Monde has declared to be a futilité absolue [qui] ne manque pas de charme.

Lon er eglér (praise and honor) to these drukî Verdúrë:

Learning Verdurian (and other Almean languages) [To top]

For anyone who wants to actually learn the language, a grammar and thematic dictionary of Verdurian are on the web.

The Effect-Counter-Effect story that's available in English here is also available in Verdurian.

You can download some of the fonts I've created. These are binary TrueType files for Windows.

maraille.ttf - A romanized TrueType font for writing Verdurian and other Almean languages
verdurian.ttf - A TrueType font for writing in Verdurian script
eleisa.ttf - A TrueType font for writing in the Cuêzi alphabet
silipa.ttf - A TrueType font containing the SIL-IPA font
barakhinei.ttf - A TrueType font for writing in the Barakhinei alphabet
axunashin.ttf - A TrueType font containing some of the Axunashin logographs

If you've gotten far enough to be able to write a sentence in soa Sfahe, or if you simply want to talk about languages and conlanging, come on down over the zompist bboard!

ConScript Unicode Registry

The page for Verdurian at John Cowan and Michael Everson's Conscript Unicode Registry. One of the first entries in the registry, dating to 1997.

ZBB user bi made a vector font which contains (only) the Verdurian code points (based on the Verdurian font above). Here is a zip file containing the font.

GNU Unifont includes pixel versions of every printable Unicode 9.0 code point, including those in CSUR. Thanks to Paul Hardy, it now includes Verdurian. Here is the font itself, and here is what the Verdurian code block looks like.

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