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12 Sep. Wait one damn second. Why am I maintaining this change log, and not exactly maintaining an RSS feed, when I have a blog? From now on I will post updates to the blog with the change-log category. So if you have this page bookmarked, bookmark this instead, or just bookmark the blog.

12 Sep. Blogging Adam Smith. An entirely new page not related to Almea or my books!

11 Aug. Bob reviews 100 Bullets and The Impostor's Daughter.

25 Jul. Announcement for the Planet Construction Kit, including a few online goodies.

28 Mar. Added the Uyseʔ grammar. Updated Wede:i and Old Skourene with more words and better Unicode.

29 Jan. Announcement for the book version of the LCK.

Also moved pre-2008 changes to the old changes list.


21 Dec. Bob continues his monthly review series with Planetary and Wonderella. All right, so Bob doesn't make his monthly deadlines but he's still done over a hundred of these.

28 Nov. Unicoded the Flaidish grammar; corrected some link rot. Updated some graphics at the Language Construction Kit and created new page for web resources.

11 Jun. Finally linked to Carsten Becker's translation of the Language Construction Kit; also took the opportunity to fix some linkrot in the resources list.

The Historical Atlas of Arcél is now starting up over at Almeopedia.

28 Jan. How to argue with zompist, if you dare.


5 Nov. Endajué, the religion of Xurno. Some of this goes back nearly thirty years.

13 Jul. Bob reviews Rasl and Aya.

19 May. Well, look at that: a new page. After more than a year of work-- and twenty years of gestation-- the Xurnese grammar is up. I also updated the Sounds of Almea page.

The rants page, after years of denying that it's a blog, now is a blog. I've moved it to a blogging site since the hassle of posting, though small, is just large enough to prevent me from posting most of the time.

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