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Man, as time goes by, I seem to accumulate SpinnWebe-tinged pages.

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 Home page If you've never seen my home page before, check it out. You'll find all kinds of things there, such as the Zompist Phrasebook, the Excuse-O-Mat, The Cthulhu Woobie Bob's Comics Reviews, and the sci.lang FAQ. There's also inflammatory editorials, stuff on science fiction, how to write English Chinese-style, and a whole 'nother planet-- enough to make you say "Zompist, you so crazy!"

What, you want that Babelized? By way of Portuguese...

If you never to come my Home Page before, it verifies it for it are. You it will find all there the types of the things, as the Zompist Phrasebook, the Excuse-O-Mat, walks through of comics of Bob, and the FAQ of sci.lang is also editorials there inflammatory, material in fiction of science, as to write the English Chinese-style, and one all one another planet -- sufficiently to make it to it word "Zompist, thus wild you!"

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