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Some of us chat using ircle, and ircle has a neat feature: faces, icons which appear for each person who's logged on to the channel.

Up to now only those people who had ircle had faces, which made the faces window look a little lonely. However, we recently realized that you can create icons for other people, using a paint program and ResEdit. So I've gone on an icon-creating binge:

The icons

If you're not here, it's either because a) I don't have ircle at work, so I haven't got to most of the day crowd, or b) you don't show up much.

If you don't have an icon and want one, or you want your icon to be something else, just tell me. It'd help if you can find a picture for me; and remember that there's only so much you can do in 32 by 32 pixels. (And it's more in the spirit of things to have a cartoon or something, not a photo. We have the photo album for photos.)

Credit or blame where credit or blame is due dept.: wabewalkr, spinn, mdxi, tmr, trainman, darren, lore, and down10 made their own icons. If you have ircle, you can download my faces file. It's in MacBinary II format.

Special icons

Wabe discovered another neat feature: you can set up alternative faces, which appear when you issue a particular /me command. A couple examples are shown above.

(Who's Paula? I don't know, she comes with the ircle faces file. She looks like a hottie, though.)

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