Welcome to the Readers' Commentary on Chris's commentary on the commentary page at Not My Desk! I'm Zompist, and I and several of Chris's other big fans will be adding our own comments in little boxes like this.

If none of this makes any sense at all, unpeel the recursiveness until your chest clears. Start at Not My Desk and read the Commentary Week updates, ending with this one.

Welcome to the Super Extra Bonus Commentary Track of the page you were just looking at!  This writer's commentary is officially up-to-date!  Damn I'm current!
Now I'm even more current!  Anyway, I thought it would be funny to have commentary on this week's page.  Kind of a joke, you know.
i'm paula, and omgzz i am SO PSYCHED to be doing commentary on chris's site! i mean it's not rilly ON his site meaning it's THERE, but it's ON like ABOUT, so we're like SHARING A PREPOSITION thingy! what u need to know about me is im Chris's BIGGEST fan and you OTHER BIOTCHES out there better know hes MINE ok? ^_^
You can call me Hard Candy, although that's not my name, which I'm not fool enough to say here. I guess you could say I'm an old acquaintance of this guy-- Chris, I guess. We never called him that, he had some dumb nick. I knew him from the DFC and that channel-- don't get me started on that. I never really saw the appeal of his site, actually. It's OK, but the way people gush over him you'd think he was George Carlin and Frank Zappa all rolled into one.

I met him once in real life, and he's really short, if you can imagine that. Back in high school I probably would've punched him out. I mean, he'd be the kid everybody thinks is funny but who's not. There was a guy like that when I lived in New Jersey, Ralph Marzullo. When he was with his clique, he'd make fun of you, and when he wasn't, it was like you were furniture. I didn't actually punch him out, but I sure felt like it a lot of times. I didn't need any more trouble from that principal than I already had. As if anyone could believe I did any of that stuff I was accused of. The principal just hated me from the minute he saw me. I think he couldn't deal with what you call a nonconforming personality.

With my stupid head in every little commentary box, I'm feeling very Pop-Up Videoish all of the sudden.

I've already gotten complaints about the "new look" of my website this week.  It's just for the theme week, folks, it won't look like this for long.  Someone else offered to help me with my graphics, too.  Thank you.  The little yellow stars on the left and right took me a long time to draw, and they're still really spastic!  It's the same star each time, just slightly resized and spun a little.  I just can't draw things on the computer with a mouse.

I like the word "Limited" being up there, because it's not necessarily a compliment.  Same with "Special".

Chris is being his usual self-deprecatory self here, mostly because he thinks it'll get him the chicks, but I was really impressed by the latest site redesign-- the black & white one. Cool-looking, and better than some professional designs. It's better to make exceptional use of the skills you have than shove every trick you learned at DeVry into one lame page.

oh that is SO TRUE, i LOVE chris's pages. well i do'nt know about the b&w one its a little goth, dont ya think? JUST KIDDING CHRIS! ^_^ i like the colors hes got right now and specially cos it has little pix of chris all over, he is RILLY HOT. i cd just eat him up!

He looks like Teller.

he DOES NOT look like teller!

I don't want to be unduly harsh, but frankly, he looks like a fag. Look at that haircut and those big black glasses. And you know, when we were at that gtg (not the one I organized), when my girlfriend and I were making out he got all offended. I'm not saying anything, but you have to wonder.

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these are SO FUNNY!! when i saw these i thought god, wouldn't it be SO EXCELLENT if chris was making a temp chat page and joined one of MY CHANNELZ? hed' be all trying to be obnoxious and funny and id be all OMGZZ dont u know who this is ITS CHRIS! but i guess it'd spoil it as a funny chat page! still i can dream cant i? ^_^


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where did the diversions go?? i check those out FIRST THING every morning! they are usualy SO FUN but sometimes i cant do them.   
They only update once a week, Paula.   
omgzz rilly? HA HA i guess thats why they get easier by the end of the week! ^_^   
Publishing Progress
NMD On Paper
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Chris and I sometimes compare our lack of progress in getting published on paper. We're both lousy at actually submitting things. I have a book proposal... mmm. almost ready... and I really have to send it out before some bastard gets the same idea, or Chris gets a goddamn book deal.   

Welcome to the Ultra Exclusive Completely Limited Release Criterion Platinum Special Collector's Edition of Not My Desk!

i know chris is JOKING but i rilly collected it! i dl ALL his pages and save them on a zip disk i have. that way i can read not my desk even if im not connected . ^_^ i cant go thru a day without reading not my desk, do u think i have a PROBLEM lol? well it keeps me sane! ^_^ thank u chris!!

We're very excited to bring you this once-in-a-lifetime edition... NOT SOLD IN ANY STORE!  In it you will find INSIGHTFUL WRITER'S COMMENTARY on past updates, NEVER BEFORE SEEN OUTTAKES and GAGS, DELETED SECTIONS that were trimmed for time or deemed unfit for publication, an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the site's creator, the GALLERY OF CRAPPY LOGOS, and much, much more!  Okay, not much, much more.  That's probably about it.  In fact, there may actually be less.

Here's how these things go for me.  1) Come up with idea for theme week, like a special collector's edition.  2) Come up with a single idea for it, in this case, writer's commentary.  3) Quickly make up other ideas that I think I'll be able to accomplish and make funny during the week, and list them, despite having no real idea how I am going to make them work (in this case, everything else listed).  4)  Spend hours creating logos, graphics, etc.  5)  Post the first day of the theme week.  6) Spend the rest of the week hating myself for listing things before I even knew what I was going to do with them, because I still don't know what to do with them. (I even pulled one idea out of the lineup out at the last minute: behind-the-scenes photos.  If you read all the commentary this week, though, you got to see 8000 tiny photos of me, so close enough).

I did start putting together a crappy logo gallery, but shit, what the hell am I really going to say about my logos?  Anyway, you can see what I started assembling here, if you really want to.

aw chris is SO CUTE when hes totally down on himself. i do'nt get it tho, if i cd do stuff HALF that funny i'd, i dunno, be like all GENIUS BITCH FROM HELL about it. I wish hed do the behind the scenes pix and crappy logos (rilly very excellent logos!) stuff, but im not complaining, look at ALL THE STUFF we got this week, it must of taken FOREVER.

with all that time, i think chris dosnt have a girlfriend, dont you? i have a HOPE now, thats all u can ask 4!! ^_^

Anyway, hi!  Been a while since we've had a theme week, so I thought it was about time.  Let's get started!

And it has been a while!  The last one was the Feltman write-in campaign, which wasn't even intended to be a theme week, and that was exactly a year ago.

Originally (meaning last Saturday, when I "planned" this) everything about this theme week was going to be a joke.  Joke commentary, made-up deleted scenes, fake outtakes, everything.  So, I sat down to write fake commentary, but while I was reading over my site and thinking about it, it seemed easier and possibly more interesting to just go and do a real commentary.  So I did.  It took a long while, mostly because I had to read every single damn thing I've ever written, but it was a lot fun to actually write.

6.7.02:  Writer's Commentary -- Year Three plus Bonus Tracks!

Maybe we should've done this with Year 1, because what can you ever say about the 3rd thing in a series? Batman 3, the Holy Ghost, Leviticus, the Third Punic War, C#, George Harrison, New Jersey. Eh. Beginnings are more interesting.

Anyway, I remember the first night tieboy came into #spinnwebe. At first I didn't like him; we were talking about sf, and he disagreed with everything. Later I got to appreciate his quick wit... chiefly used, at first, in artful putdowns of Hard Candy there. Then he came out with the site, and I was really surprised that it was so funny. I like writers like S.J. Perelman or Dave Barry or tieboy, I mean Chris, where you never know where a sentence is going to end up.

I figured you wanted me to contribute just to see me and "Chris" fight. (It feels weird to call him that, although I guess it's his name.) Well, I don't care. If someone doesn't like you, you just have to remember that there's billions of people in the world who do. I have my own life now. You people who want to keep putting me down, you're the pathetic losers. That's all I can say.

Track Nine: April 8 - April 12, 2002 - Yet another goddamn new look hits the site!  Plus, learn how Not My Desk almost closed up shop in March!  For good!  Also, the message board mystery: solved at last!

damn (sorry if i can't say that here) but that whole thread was SO STUPID. like it was so obvious chris was JOKING and besides he had'nt met me yet ^_^. i got IM from him once tho that was SO COOL even tho i froze up and just yammered like an 12 year old, he must of thought i was SO RETARDED but he was still nice. but rilly u girls, u think whenever chris talks about A GIRL its got 2 be u? do u think that too when justin sings too, i mean GIRL GET A CLUE.

Bonus Track One: The Temp Test! - Since Year Three is only a few months old, here's a bonus commentary track for the Temp Test!  Find out stuff about the Temp Test.  Not a lot of stuff... but some stuff!

Hi, I'm Evan. I think I found Not My Desk about a year ago-- my brother-in-law Jeff sent it to me because he knew I had worked as a temp, about five years ago. Jeff lives way over in North Carolina now and he may not remember that I'm actually an H.R. manager now. But anyway, I liked it, it's a cool site. I must've sent it to about fifty people myself, so you can consider this a big thank you from me, Chris! I bookmarked it, and I still look at it about once a month or so, even though I'm not currently a temp. A lot of the humor, I think anyone can get.

Bonus Track Two: TempCam! - Ever wondered where the images on my "live" TempCam page came from?  Of course you didn't!  Who would?  Still, I explain everything about the TempCam page in loving detail.

Super Extra Bonus Track One: ???????? - What could this be?  A Super Extra Bonus Track?  Yes!  Just for you!

See, to me, this is just fake. He's writing like it's some kind of kid's page. But then he talks about "tracks", and you may not know this, but I own a Tracker. So it's really a dig at my expense. Yeah, that's funny.


6.6.02:  Exclusive Interview & NMD Outtakes and Gags!

I love watching movie and TV outtakes, don't you?  It's funny when actors flub their lines or props break or things just go completely wrong!  Well, don't think that doesn't happen around here, because it does!  A lot!

Chris is really good at this "things going wrong" kind of humor. I can appreciate that, because things go wrong at my office too. I remember this girl at the place I used to work-- well, I should say this woman, because she was about 26, had a kid. One Halloween she brought her kid in; she was about four years old, and the lady had made her a Halloween costume that was a dinosaur. I don't mean one of those cheap printed costumes you get from Walgreen's; this was a beautiful handmade dinosaur outfit, with spikes on the back and a long stuffed tail. I have to say, it was really adorable! Everybody had to come and look at the kid in the dinosaur suit. It was really a pity when, a few months later, we had to lay the woman off.

Click Here for Not My Desk's Outtakes and Gags!

If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time thinking about... me!  What makes me tick?  Why do I do what I do, and when?  Where did I leave my pants?  In an attempt to answer those questions and more, I recently interviewed myself.  The answers may just shock you!

Click Here for My Exclusive Interview of Myself!

I wrote these two sections when I was extremely tired, and man, they made me laugh like crazy.  That's usually a bad sign.  Often, the stuff I think is the funniest is the least funny, and the stuff I don't think much of gets me compliments.  Kooky!
Don't you hate people who laugh at their own jokes?


6.5.02:  Writer's Commentary -- Year Two!

Track Five: March 6 - March 10, 2001 - It's more NMD history as Henchman of the Week bursts onto the scene (for a while), and Diversions begin distracting people from doing their work.  Also, thoughts on why the site changes looks so often and warm memories of the lovely and talented Mary Jo Pehl.

Sure, trot out the celebrity endorsements. Do you see me making a big thing of the time I met Kittie? I have all the MST3K tapes from the Joel years, and so I read the Mary Jo Pehl thing, but you have to admit, "Mrs. Forrester" couldn't hold a candle to Trace Beaulieu.
You know, I prefer Joel too, but you have to remember that whatever you think of them as performers, Mike Nelson and Mary Jo Pehl were fantastic as writers. They wrote all those Joel episodes you liked.
You think I didn't know that?

Track Six: July 23 - July 27, 2001 - Rage.  Nothing but rage.

Track Seven: October 15 - October 26, 2001 - Obnoxious idiots in chat rooms meet an even more obnoxious idiot (me), as a little something called Temp Chat appears for the first time.  Thank you! 

Folks, here's a dirty little secret: he acts like that all the time in chat. Some of us don't chat to constantly show off every minute.
Also, is that a haunting serenade for honey barbeque wings I hear?  Yep.  That's a haunting serenade for honey barbeque wings I hear.  Definitely.

I picture all of Tie's, I mean Chris's stories happening in Oakland, not only because they often do, but because that's where I stayed when I went out to see him. So that piece when Chris is desperately looking for breakfast and a pharmacy as he goes to an interview in Oakland, I was thinking "Yeah, I remember that Burger King... yeah, there's no restaurants along that stretch..." It's like he's writing for me, man.

That was also the trip where the idiot waiter forgot to put our order in. Twice. Chris tried to get free drinks out of it, but all they gave us was free desserts. I used this in a Fuschia comic.

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that he's cheap...
omgz zomp i ca'nt believe you actually MET chris. not that im jealous. oh who am i kidding OF COURSE im jealous! i bet he is so cute in RL, is he? well how would u know ur a guy, right?
Of course he's cute. No sex, creed, or nation is free from Tie-appeal. Kikuyu tribesmen wear amulets bearing his image around their necks. Indians and Pakistanis both adore him. If all the women and men who've desired him were laid end to end, Chris would be the one to do it. The Dalai Lama and Michael J. Fox both are fans. I've spent an hour in a stairwell with Chris and an hour in a radio studio with Hard Candy, and truly, there is no comparison.
are u being sarcasstic?
I'm Teller, and I for one would be happy to put this rumor to rest. There's one picture of Chris where Zompist detected some similarity to mine. Very funny, Zompist, but did you ever consider the impact on me? How many times has Penn called me "Not My Magician", sometimes on stage, and then collapsed into giggles? Once he introduced me as his "temp", and fuck it, I broke character and ripped the big loudmouth a new one.

Track Eight: January 14 - January 18, 2002 - A completely different site design assaults the eyes and tests the patience of faithful readers, the truth of why I hate poets so much is finally revealed, footage is altered so Greedo actually shoots at Han Solo first, and an anus is noticed, pondered, and covered up.  Also, NMD gets a staff!

From what I can see, Chris usually fulfils the administrative assistant type of role, though it's interesting to see that here he pictures himself as more of a manager. I'm the first to appreciate Chris's jokes about managers, but I think we should recognize that sometimes the shoe is on the other foot. You think managers are funny, you should be a manager sometime!

Actually I have a manager story, although this wasn't someone I ended up working for-- and thank God! I was interviewing for a H.R. position, and I talked with the head of H.R., who was an old guy who had a thing for these psychological tests that he'd invented himself. He'd talk really seriously about these questions he was going to ask, which were to see if you were "detail-oriented" or "people-oriented" or whatever, and carefully explain that you weren't supposed to think about the question deeply and that he wouldn't ask any follow-up questions. I suppose this was supposed to be exceedingly scientific and allow for comparison, but it was just funny, especially since it was so predictable. For the "detail-oriented" ones, who's going to answer like they're sloppy idiots, especially since he's just explained that he's looking for "detail-oriented" people? One of the questions was, I swear to God, whether you mow right up to the edge of the grass, right up to the trees or whatever, and whether you use an edger or not. I told him I didn't have any trees in the middle of my lawn, and I think he didn't like that or didn't know what to do with it. It must not have sounded "detail-oriented" enough, because I didn't get that job. Anyway, that's my manager story, or one of them.

i may just be a dumb person, but that sounds MEGA-STUPID, what does mowing the grass have 2 do with ur job?
That was my opinion as well.


6.4.02:  Deleted Scenes!

If you think you've read everything I've written for this site, think again!  There's tons of stuff that sucked so bad it never saw the light of day.  There are also a lot of updates that were started and never finished, ideas that didn't pan out, and humor that lacked the essential requirement of being funny.  So, take a look at the deleted scenes of Not My Desk!

Click here for the Deleted Scenes!

These weren't actually supposed to be real deleted scenes.  I was going to invent some jokey ones, but it wasn't working out, and I'd blown most of the evening preparing Wednesday's commentary.  So, I poked around and found some actual stuff I had been working on but hadn't used.  Since I rarely ever go back to older, uncompleted stuff, I figured I'd never use them, and just tossed them in there.
That sounds like a lot of work, but you should know that Chris spends most of his evenings chatting, watching Mets games, and cybering... people who use AIM may recognize the nick "FrenchMaid145"...
ha ha ur FUNNY. that was not the nick he used with me. u know i think ur trying 2 make fun of chris. may be ur jealous? why ca'nt u just ENJOY a rilly funny site that chris spends a LOT of time on?

chris come talk with me (SailorPaulaZ) on IM if u get sick of ppl making fun of yuo! ^_^


6.3.02:  Writer's Commentary --  Year One!

Don't worry, I didn't go through the entire year and comment on everything.  But here are a few different archive pages I picked out and littered with commentary.  Just click on the dates below to read my self-indulgent tripe and learn more than you ever wanted to know about Not My Desk!

A rare moment of honesty, if you ask me. Basically, what do we have here? A college dropout who takes odd jobs, probably because he doesn't have the training to do anything else. And they make fun of me because I went to radio school and bartending school (and graduated, thank you very much), so I can maybe make something of myself. Yeah, that double standard makes lots of sense.

Track One: March 3 - July 3, 2000 - The very first page of Not My Desk!  Learn about the origins of NMD, view the never-before-seen original Not My Desk website, hear about the first (of many) discontinued features, and find out the shocking secret of Year One!

Track Two: August 14  - August 18, 2000 The Stile Project connection, the Al Gore reaction, trans-gender issues, the real reason why people are always named "Cathy" and "Todd" in my essays, and more!

Dammit, I realized today that when I mentioned stile project on Monday, I completely forgot to mention how that led me to my advertising contract with bla-bla.com, which led to some nasty animated banners and buttons I had on the site for a while, and which later led to a letter from their lawyers.  Ah well.  Maybe I'll do another commentary track sometime.
I'm kind of surprised that Chris had something to do with that Stile site. Did you guys ever see it? It's really raw stuff, mostly pornography. I saw it because it was bookmarked on the computer of this guy, Randy, that quit, and we thought he had some files on his computer that he shouldn't have. That's not exactly one of the most amusing parts of my job as a H.R. manager, I'll tell you-- looking at other people's computers for things that shouldn't be there. I could tell you some stories-- if we didn't have this little thing called confidentiality! I don't think people really understand this, that the computer you use at work isn't your computer. It belongs to the company. And someone from the company may have to look at anything you put on it. Probably me (grumble, grumble).
I saw it once. That sort of person, they're just insecure people looking for attention. Just don't give it to them.
i typed stile into my browser and i got some spanish furniture company! lol ^_^

Track Three: November 11 - November 17, 2000  - In which Pooh rips off Dave Barry, bitches about Theme Weeks, tells why he's no longer trying to win a car, and explains exactly what happened to Vision of the Future!

y does chris say "pooh" here? i think its a SLIP, pooh is rilly his nickname from school!! that would be FUNNY, if like someone met him and called him pooh! i bet he'd get TOTALLY RED all over! ^o^
Did I mention that he drinks and smokes? Frankly, having seen him, I'd say that he has some kind of drinking problem. He matches all the warning signs we learned about at school.

He tries to be funny about it, but, folks, drinking and smoking are going to kill you. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Track Four: December 5, 2000 - Learn how the Tiny Temps page rocketed me to stardom, how someone stole things from my site for a change, and why jokes should make sense!

ha ha i looked 2 see if the lizards were rilly different and THEY ARE! u have 2 look a rilly long time but then OMGZ u can see it. go look!!!!
Did you find the hidden words, Paula?
no there all mispelled! go look, all of them its like ONE LETTER is off.
Yes, I knew that.
y did u ask then? oh i know, you think THAT PAULA, shes SUCH A DITZ. at least im in a REAL SCHOOL not BARTENDING SCHOOL.


And hey!  Even got Diversions for you this week.  Orisinal makes the most charming flash games on the net, and here's a good Collapse-esque game called Bauns.  Also, a new Mini-Golf Flash game!  You can even play two-player games or play a friend over the net (although you need to register for that).  Finally, the Ass-o-tron, that lets you put ass on the website of your choice.  Don't ask me.  I don't writes 'em, I just links 'em.  Links on the left sidebar.  Er, no!  The is the Collector's Edition, so links are on the RIGHT sidebar!  It's special!

I moved the Diversions to the right sidebar just before I posted this.  You can tell, because I had already made the section graphics (Essays, Guide, etc), and they go in a right-justified, left-justified, right-justified pattern at first, but then they screw up, due to me changing the order at the last second.

And with THAT incredibly fascinating tidbit of inside information, I hereby end this commentary and this week d'theme.  Thanks for reading!  Bye!

no thank YOU 4 writing all this, i read everything, and then i went back and re-read EVEN MORE stuff u didn't even comment on. ^_^ may be now i know you live in oakland u will see me there! lol

e:mail: temp@notmydesk.com

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Of course, I had gotten this far in the graphics before I realized I couldn't fit the words "Vision of the Future" in the box and keep the same font size. D'oh!
You know what these are, don't you? They're "reviews" of really old video games. I can sort of see that being funny once. Plus, look at the games he used to play. Smurf Rescue. Donkey Kong. Jesus.
Smurf Rescue
Donkey Kong
Space Panic

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Mary Jo Pehl Interview
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I know the person who wrote that memo with all the misspellings. She has a mental illness that causes her to have trouble reading. Now is that really funny? Or just sad?
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Here we see the linking buttons in their full-color glory!  
Hey, a link to my page! When Chris asked for link buttons, I made two of them, one with the #spinnwebe flaming kitten and one with the planet. He chose this one, which just shows that, like Charlie Chaplin, he has a tortured, sensitive inner nature. No, really!

The image is hand-drawn, by the way, and it's an imaginary planet (not Almea-- I didn't feel like working from maps). I like how it came out, especially the clouds, and the fact that the planet is at the top, a reminder that in space, your orientation is arbitrary.   

Hi. Just thought I'd jump into the reader's commentary to point out that this is supposed to be commentary on my commentary, not commentary on your button. Knock off the self-promotion and focus, language-boy.
Ha ha! You crack me up, little buddy.

All material 2000 - 2002 by Christopher Livingston, except for this statement.

The opinions posted on this site are not necessarily the opinions posted on this site.

Well, that about wraps it up for the meta3-commentary! Thanks, Paula, Ben, I mean Hard Candy, and Evan! And remember, always read Chris's copyright notices, they're great!
Hi, I'm Wil Wheaton! I finally caught up on Not My Desk, and I'm eager to comment on the commentary-- or at least explain why it took me so long! Am I too late?