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What will happen when you meet Lore


If you're not familiar with the Brunching Shuttlecocks, become so at once. If you are: Lore's chief reaction to this was to point out that the last line is a base calumny. Which it is. But hey, sometimes comedy isn't pretty.


I wonder if he's really coming. I wonder if I'll recognize him.

Oh man, that's got to be him. He looks just like his cartoon.

Judging by that Volkswagen, he's still a block away. So how big is he?


I didn't expect his voice to sound like that. Of course, what did I expect his voice to sound like? NPR?

Nice outfit. All black, except for the kicky black & white tie. And that explosive goatee. It's like what Mafiosi would look like if they allowed them self-expression.

Did he really just order "a blue drink"?

I wonder if his shaved head feels fuzzy.

That's how you say "Sjöberg"?

Jeez, how was I supposed to know that writing Ratings was such a soul-searing experience?

Wow. IT managers are the same all over.

Did he just order a drink with a paper umbrella in it?

He's kidding about that fetish. If not, God help us all.

Yeah, Lore, I sympathize. My ad agency makes $10K mistakes all the damn time.

He just ordered a drink named after a Southeast Asian city.

He's funnier than I am. He's funnier than I am. He's funnier than I am. Fucker.

Does that sticker say "Exotic Princess"?

He just spritzed on my shirt. I could sell this.

Note to self. Don't make Ratings jokes when Lore has that look.

Oh, thank God. Not all his jokes work.

That drink has got to be the one color that cannot be expressed in RGB coordinates.

His head is fuzzy.

Whoa. When he falls down, you notice.

What is it with him and gnomes?

Well. It's cool to know that. But now, every Lore cartoon I see, I'll have to count the NINAs.

"We'll have to do this again." But he kind of laughed when he said it. Was he being ironic in an I-don't-think-so sort of way, or in an I-know-this-is-a-cliché-but sort of way?

Wow, I can still see him two blocks away.

Hey! He stuck me with the tab!