Posted by Philip Newton on 10:48 4/2/02

In reply to: RPGing in Almea posted by Jim Slams on 10:55 4/1/02

There is more than one web page on Cadhinor. Here are the ones I know about, in case you (Jim) miss one (though they appear to be linked to one another, either explicitly or implicitly with "Next" and "Previous" links):

Barakhinei only has the grammar and a lexicon online, as far as I know.

Another largish problem I see with trying to learn Cadhinor or Barakhinei is the size of the lexicon: quite apart from whether the grammar is easy to learn or not, Verdurian has the widest vocabulary of any described Almean languages, as far as I can tell. So you won't always find the word you're looking for in Cadhinor or Barakhinei or other Almean languages (as witness, for example, my quest for the word for "star").


Mark responds:

At last count, Verdurian has about 6000 words, Cadhinor about 2150, and Barakhinei about 1450. But hey, think of the smaller vocabularies as a challenge. It worked for Klingon. :)

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