RPGing in Almea

Posted by Jim Slams on 10:55 4/1/02

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Emai, everyone. First of all, Mark, all that you've done on this website is amazing. Your work is incredible. That brings me to my main subject. I enjoy Almea and it's languages so much that I would like to use them as the area for my RPG. It will not go beyond 7 or 8 people, you will get full credit for anything I borrow, nothing will be posted on the Internet, and I will readily agree to any other terms.

One last thing: Are there any other resources for learning Barakhinei and Cadhinor? In any case, Dëkuy, Mark.


Mark responds:

Thanks, and go right ahead. Feel free to ask for background info (e.g. "Where would the nearest dwarves live? Are there brigands on Flora?"), but of course you can also just make up anything you need for your scenario.

When I was DMing, I didn't impose much of the language on people, though I did make them pick Verdurian names.

There's nothing on Barakhinei and Cadhinor but the reference grammars (but also see Philip's Cadhinor inflection utility). Note that I consider these fairly hard languages! Verdurian makes a lot more concessions to mere terrestrials...

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