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Compiled by Mark Rosenfelder


The girls with Tex Ninety-three Million Miles from the Sun (FC 47-70; #30, Lo 387: 1988) Penny Century is in the hospital; visiting her, Maggie is invited with Ray to Badgeport. Penny bails Hopey out of jail; Maggie and Hopey are reunited in the police station. Maggie punches her, but they're soon making up.

Penny learns that Ray had a crush on her in junior high, and starts pursuing her. For now, he resists. (PC#1:6)

Appearances by Daffy and Itsuki (who Maggie hasn't seen since Maddog's burned down), Webster and Demoña (now Penny's bodyguard).

When Costigan returns, Hopey and Tex are kicked out. They plan to return to California with Maggie.

(Timing: Maggie's been photocopying for 2 years. Elias is 3. Nobody's heard from Hopey in over a year. Maggie hasn't seen Daffy and Itsuki since Maddog's burned down 2 years ago.)

To cheer up Ray, moping over Maggie, Danita Lincoln offers to pose for him. They hang out a lot. When she offers to pose nude, things heat up. (FC 77; see below)

Las Monjas Asesinas (FC 73-74; #31, Lo 411: 1989) Hopey tries to put together a band: Tex on drums, herself and Lester on guitar, and Maggie singing. They bomb at audition. They run into Mary Christmas at an exhibition of her boyfriend Lee's work. Mary introduces Maya (Ray's old girlfriend) to Maggie. This doesn't go too well-- she's a pretentious bitch.

Below My Window Lurks My Head (Part 1) (FC 75-79; #32, Lo 413: 1989) Ray talks on the phone with Maggie; he's losing hope (or losing to Hopey). Doyle Blackburn stops by; he's been sleeping at the mission. Lily wants him to move in with him, but he's not ready. Danita and Elias find them; Ray offers to let her stay in his place since she's afraid of Elias's daddy.

And in This Corner... (FC 80-83; #32, Lo 418: 1989) Daffy phones Maggie, reveals that Ray is seeing Danita. She and Hopey head over to Maya's for coffee. Maggie, mad at Ray, seduces Hopey right on Maya's couch. When she gets up, however, she's a bit disturbed to find Maya making love to Hopey. At Maya's, Hopey finds her picture on a milk carton listed as missing.

Below My Window Lurks My Head (Part 2) (FC 84-88; #32, Lo 422: 1989) Everyone's afraid of Elias's daddy Cornelius Edwards coming back to do harm to Danita (or Ray). Her friend Ronnie Howard (an old boyfriend; WB 41) comes by, adding to the warnings. Penny Century comes by, with Demoña, to bawl Ray out for leaving Maggie. Litos and his son Carlos come over-- it turns into a real party. When everybody leaves, Cornelius comes by, looking desperate, but the police are there, and take him away.

Sometime before Wigwam Bam, Isabel Ortiz is in the 'nuthouse' (WB 104).


Soon after turning 18, Xochitl Navas takes up pro wrestling. Some time later, on Vicki's advice, she starts junior college and drops out of wrestling. At the same time Gina (now 12) moves out of state. (WN #2:2).
Timing: This is "a few years" before Gina moves back, let's say 3 years-- if it's much more than that Gina's too young when Xo meets her, 5 years ago. (If we ignored the time slip, this could be as early as 1987. No way is Xo the same age as Maggie, however, as suggested in CQ 19. (Maggie was 18 in 1983.))

Sometime before Wigwam Bam, Cornelius Edwards is murdered in prison.

Wigwam Bam (WB 1-116; comic #33-39, Lo 427: 1990-1992) Maggie and Hopey are at a party at Pat's house in Badgeport. Pat is a bartender at a lesbian bar, Taláo. Guests include Penny and her bodyguard Pete, Mary Christmas, her boyfriend Lee's brother Leland, a dyke named Rosa who comes on to Maggie, and Maya. Two art students, Merced and Ivat, mock Maggie for being Mexican, which pisses her off. They're staying with Mary, but she kicks them out ('cos she was left out of the threesome with Maya). A girl named Matilda has let herself in Maya's, but Maya doesn't seem to care.

Not shown directly, but explained later: Maggie fights with Hopey, says she's too mean, and heads off by herself. CQ 44: Maggie is in a bus station, without busfare, after just breaking up with Hopey. She's still wearing that sexy party dress. A man propositions her; she says it'll cost him $300-- and he accepts. She uses the money to get out of town.

(WB) Doyle (now homeless) and Ray go look for a place to shower. Ray's still living in his apartment, but is locked out for being behind on rent (he's just lost his job). Danita wants to get married; he's uncertain. Daffy is wondering what happened to Hopey and Maggie. Her sister Nami thinks Maggie's in town. Doyle showers at Daffy's; Nami finds him there, and likes him, but he's avoiding jailbait. Hopey moves in with Maya, displacing Matilda. Hopey goes to a party with bandmates Tex and Lester. Tex finds an old friend, Rick, who plays guitar. She gets sick of people asking about Maggie. Jewel Tucker and Frances take her to Jewel's house. Some young vatos, led by a 15-year-old named Robbie Garcia, beat up Ray, mistaking him for someone else. Danita's stripping debut at Bumper's goes well enough. Doyle beats up a guy named Eddie Bravo, who thinks he's Nami's boyfriend and that he's defending her.

Chepa is visiting her cousin Isabel, who's in outpatient therapy and colecting milk carton pictures of Hopey. Her daughter Laura won't go in; her brother David told her it's a 'scary house'. David and Lalo go to see the kittens in Elias's back shed; but find Ray sleeping there instead. Later on David peeks in Isabel's window and sees the wallfull of Hopey. Litos (whose son Carlos is really funny-looking) advises Ray not to let him be forced to marry her, like he was. Danita agrees to take over Ray's apartment. Her friend Rocky is not impressed with Ray's apartment, or with Ray. Daffy is upset that Hopey and Maggie are incomunicadas. The girl Nami thinks is Maggie isn't. Someone's on the phone asking after Maggie and Hopey, but both are gone. Danita confronts Ray: is he stayin' or not?

Joey Glass is in bed at his dad's with his girlfriend Janet Polo. His mother (tho' divorced) is calling, asking about the pictures of Hopey. He calls around asking people (including Julie Wree) if they did it. His dad has recently married Connie. Lily tells her coworkers about her night with Doyle; she's pissed because he took off and is being a phoney homeless guy. Chepa takes her kids to see Isabel to prove she's not a witch, but she's out. Joey and Janet come by; when he calls Isabel the 'witch lady' David feels vindicated. Isabel decides to stop her therapy. When she comes home there's a note from Daffy asking about H&M, and saying she's off to college for six months. Joey gets an earful from Mom. He commisserates with Doyle at Bumper's. Danita dances wildly-- seems Ray said the right thing. Maya learns at Taláo that Hopey is staying with Jewel Tucker.

The kids Lily kicks Doyle out of her life. Ray stops by Danita's; they end up making out in the shed, till the kids discover them. Danita goes to work, but Bumper's is closed. She realizes she's left Elias at home alone, and decides to move back home. Nami sneaks into Lily's place, and ends up making love with Doyle. Frances takes Maya to Jewel's. Hopey's band, now with Rick on guitar, is practising there. Jewel makes it clear to Maya that Hopey is now taken. We also see Crystal, Nan Tucker's, er, young friend.

Comedienne Nan Tucker comes home, meets Hopey. Penny Century is at a pool somewhere, apparently running away from Costigan. Her bodyguard Pete is there; she's carrying their child. Isabel drops in on her and others (including Terry Downe, still on tour; Marco, formerly Monica Zandinsky; and college bud Barb, the Maggie lookalike), first running away from M&H, then searching for them. Hopey spies on Nan's games with Crystal, hangs out at Taláo with Maya, Pat, Rosa; finds Isabel there and takes her home, which makes Jewel jealous). They end up quarrelling over Maggie. Nami isn't interested in Doyle any more; Lily's got a new boyfriend; he heads out of town.

Two friends of Hopey's, Benny and Twyla, sneak in to Nan's. Nan is having a party with all her old gal pals and their girl toys. They head out to where the band is practising: it's replaced Hopey on bass. Isabel visits Maggie's father Nacho, and is given one of Maggie's old diaries. Hopey drops in on the 'baby girls', and goes down on Jenny as a favor. But one of them, Mrs. Watkins, lays Jenny out cold with her cane. Nan suggests that Hopey leave Hopey shows up at Tex's; Crystal goes back to being a hooker. Thugs come and beat up Tex and Hopey (and Crystal) to warn them to keep silent.

Gonna Make You My Man (WB 119-122; #42, Lo 543: 1993). Joey and Janet eating at his mother's house. Joey, to make her happy, says he did the milk cartons. Janet runs into some young kids, putting up posters for their band, 'Hopey Monsters'. They idolized Hopey as kids; and it seems to be them that put Hopey's face on the milk cartons.

Doyle leaves Hoppers and drifts all over, from Visalia to Albany, before ending up in Phoenix, where he gets tight with Sid Doan. (II#8:7)


Time slip: Jaime just took too long to draw WB; the events could have taken as much as a year, but hardly three years. So far he hasn't pegged any post-WWB events strictly to the calendar; if he does, the characters will have simply blipped over two or more years or so without anything happening.

Gina, now 15, moves back to Texas, and starts training with Xochitl at Camp Vicki. (WN #2:2).
Timing: Gina graduates from high school in WN, so this has to be about three years before.

Chester Square (CQ 1-16; #40, Lo 547: 1992). Maggie shows up in a town in the middle of Texas. The local women (Sara the diner owner, Elva the motel operator) think she's a whore. Some guys show up-- Chito, Enero Garcia, Rosendo, Eme. They like Maggie. Ruby, who is the local whore, punches out Maggie. Maggie misses the bus when the motel forgets to send someone to wake her. Maggie has sex with the security guard, Tito Jr., and accepts money for it.

Camp Vicki (CQ 17-32; #41, Lo 563: 1993). Maggie, down on her luck, turns up at Camp Vicki in Texas, where her aunt Vicki Glori trains girl wrestlers, including Maggie's cousin Xochitl, Claudia Casey, Gina, and Heidi. Maggie goes out for drinks with Gina. Gina is being prepared to be state champion, but that will require beating up her friend Xochitl, who she wanted to be tag-team partners with, and maybe lovers. Maggie takes a cab to Chester Square, but neither Tito nor the whore are there. Gina purposely loses to Xochitl; Claudia Casey becomes the new Texas champion.

Perla and Beatríz (CQ 33-36; #42, Lo 579: 1993). Maggie is at Penny Century's place. She has a new bodyguard, who doesn't know English or Spanish; she sent Pete back to his wife and kids. Maggie takes Penny to see some wrestling-- Xochitl loses.

The Navas of Hazel Court (CQ 37-39; #43: 1993). An evening in the life of the Navas family: loving wife and pro wrestler Xochitl, husband Mario, and the kids (fighting over what videos to watch).

Maggie the Mechanic or Perla the Prostitute (CQ 40-47; #43, Lo 589: 1993). Maggie and Luz lunch with Penny. Penny pushes Maggie to apply for mechanic jobs; but she's either overqualified, or not considered because she's a woman. At one shop she sees Enero Garcia and arranges a date. She hangs out with the wrestlers, Gina and Claudia. Gina tells her she wants to be her girlfriend. Maggie and Penny learn from a gossip rag that Rand Race is going to marry a lawyer, Ms. Goldman-- a fat, ugly chick.

Julie Wree is running a toy factory in L.A. around this time. She offers Sid Doan from Phoenix a job, and he brings Doyle along. Mary Christmas, Reno, Itsuki, Kiko, Tony Belle, and Boxhead all turn out to be working for Julie. (II#8:7)


It's Not That Big a Deal (CQ 48-61; #44, Lo 597: 1994). A night out with the wrestlers: Gina, Esther, Xochitl and Mario, Maggie, and Penny. Thrown out of a bar, they head over to Chester Square, and start partying. The local guys ask them to dance; the local whore Ruby is pissed off. Gina presses Maggie about a relationship, but annoys her by hitting her too hard. Penny reveals that she grew up in Chester Square. She goes to see her mother, who still lives here. Gina goes to beat up Ruby, and gets slashed by a knife for her trouble. The wrestlers go home; Maggie and Esther stay behind, looking for Penny, and get arrested for disorderly conduct.

Angelitas (CQ 62-65; #45, Lo 611: 1994) A picnic of the Chascarrillo clan, in Texas. Nacho is there with his daughters Maggie and Esther, his new wife Alejandra and daughters Sofia and Maribel. Also, aunt Vicki Glori, her husband Cash and their adopted son Hiroshi; uncle Jake and aunt Fina and their daughter Xochitl with her husband Mario and her kids. Esther is engaged to a guy named Alvaro, but she's getting cold feet. She and Maggie are friends now.
(Timing: the day after 'It's not that big a deal.')

We Want the World and We Want It Bald (CQ 66-71; #45, Lo 615: 1994) Hopey is in L.A. with her new band, the Damachers; the other members are Benny and Twyla. She takes the bus to Hoppers; she hasn't been there for six years or so. Joey sent Janet to show her around, even though they broke up a few weeks ago. They talk; Janet says she's turned on by someone being turned on by her. But she's freaked out when Hopey says she's attracted to her.

Ray and Danita break up. Penny Century drops by and comforts him the way she knows best. (PC#1:7)

Angelitas Dos (CQ 72-76; #45, Lo 621: 1994) Maggie and Esther move into an apartment together. (Its address is 1242 1/2.) Gina was going to move in with them, but she and Maggie parted on bad terms. Enero Garcia, newly in from Mexico (where he's married) comes by to see Maggie, but she's cold. Later she decides to see him, but finds him screwing another guy. Esther works at a hair salon where their neighbor Santiago used to work; Maggie tells her he's gay.

Butt Sisters (CQ 77-79; #46, Lo 626: 1994) Xochitl wants to show Maggie how to wrestle, to defend herself against Giant Gina, but Maggie's not into it. Vicki thinks Maggie is a bad influence on Gina's wrestling career.

Son of Butt Sisters (CQ 80-81; #46, Lo 629: 1994) A wordless story. Danita, thinking about Ray, goes to work (she's found another job stripping). A sweaty Marine (who we saw in WB 32) falls for her; starts bringing her flowers, pleading with her... finally, threatening her over the phone.

Return of the Butt Sisters (CQ 82-87; #46, Lo 631: 1994) Maggie invites Danita and Elias to come live with her and Esther. She has to explain to Esther that stripping's not bad-- she almost tried it herself once (see flashback just before Mechan-X). Danita gets a job in a pro wrestler's entourage.


Hester Square (CQ 88-104; #47, Lo 637: 1995) Ruby, the prostitute, goes back to Chester Square but is chased out by Sara and Elva. She gets help at a restaurant, Little Luigi's. Maggie, watching a comatose-looking Elias, talks to Esther about guys. Danita comes home sick; Maggie agrees to take her costume to the arena. She's chased out by El Diablo Blanco's aide Mora. Diablo apologizes, asks her out. She decides to escape, but sees Gina, who's just won her fight. But Diablo and his nephew Tony (also a wrestler) breeze in and ignore her.

He calls up to apologize, and she agrees to meet him at Luigi's. Ruby finds her instead; she rushes to attack her. Maggie is saved by Gina, who gives her a big hug. Maggie thinks she's seen Rena; and indeed she has. It turns out she's visiting her son, Tony, clandestinely. Diablo is Rena's brother.

(Timing: Since Tony says he's over 18 and he was born in 1974, the story must take place in 1992 or later. We might still be in that time slip, or maybe he's referring to a legal agreement referring to that specific age. I've dated this story 1995 only due to the drawing date.)

About half a year after her first night with Ray, Penny begins dropping in every few weeks for nights of fun and fantasy. It's not certain how long this lasts, but in PC#1 (1997) it's already been over a long time.(PC#1:7)

Bob Richardson (CQ 105-156; #48-50, Lo 653: 1995-96) Maggie, trying to 'wipe her slate clean', tells Enero and Gina that she's getting married; both take it badly. (Enero was divorcing to be with Maggie; and Gina, after that big hug, was planning on it too.) Xochitl and Vicki are happy about it, however.

Danita goes with Elias to see her boss. Her job is safe; El Diablo Blanco is glad to see her, and tries to bring Elias out of himself a little.

Maggie, dropping by Luigi's hoping to make peace with Ruby, (and having her car fall into a ditch) finds Rena in the basement— being held for ransom by thugs Moon, Clon, and Jojo. They were invited by Luigi's assistant Boyd. When Moon passes the gun to Boyd, Rena (still spry at 60) disarms him.

Nacho's wife Alejandra has to call Esther with birthday wishes. Esther also visits her neighbor Santiago's party. Esther seems a bit bowled over by Maggie's engagement, and is sitting around depressed when there's A Knock At The Door: it's Hopey.

(#49: 1995) Rena fights the kidnappers-- almost overwhelms them. She's rescued by El Diablo; the two of them defeat the whole gang. Maggie's friends and family are still flummoxed by the engagement. Alejandra takes Esther shopping. Danita is angry: she figures the mystery man is Diablo, and she wanted him.

Hopey keeps coming by (her band is playing in town), but Maggie's still not home. Twyla and Benny want to move to L.A. Maggie finally gets home, goes to find out who blabbed-- tells Vicki that the engagement was a sham, to get Gina off her case.
Alvaro shows up at Esther's door.

(#50: 1996) Alvaro and Esther are engaged again; Maggie's family is mad at her (except for Vicki and Alejandra). She seems to take this in stride, and makes peace with Ruby. Danita packs up to leave town, but El Diablo comes to find her.

Benny and Twyla give Hopey just one hour to find Maggie before they leave town. Double wedding at the courthouse: El Diablo and Danita; Esther and Alvaro.

There's a couple of interspersed scenes (2 in the comic version; 5 in the book version) showing Isabel, her head shaved, having a bad scene in a hospital; Daffy is with her.

Maggie wanders into a bar; Enero chews her out; then Sara slaps her... there's a brief dream sequence where everybody slaps Maggie, then we check out an alternate reality where Maggie goes on tour with the Crickets instead of missing out... Maggie beats some guy up for propositioning her and gets picked up by the police... Hopey has caught up to her, and gets herself arrested just to get in the same car.

This was the end of Love and Rockets. But the story continues...

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