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Compiled by Mark Rosenfelder.

About 187 characters appear at least once in Jaime's work; 65 of these appear more than once. There's about 70 Hispanic characters; 84 white; 12 Asian; 16 Black.

Characters are alphabetized by last name if known, otherwise by first name. There's a few cross-references, but really, just use your browser's Find function.

# indicates a character who appears in at least 2 stories.
- indicates a character referred to by name only.
* is a cross-reference to the story where the character is first pictured (not necessarily first appearance in the chronology; Jaime may have put the character in flashbacks or stories published later but set earlier in time. Got that?)



#Alarma, an enormously tall woman who lives in Maggie's apartment complex (in #1) with her mother. *

Alvaro: see Hernandez

Rosa Colores Arriaga Banuelos: see Tse Tse


#Mr. Bain, a wrestling honcho

Eva Banchini, secretary to H.R. Costigan; fired when she lets his ex-wife in *

#Reno Banks, one of Vivian's lovers. He grew up in Hoppers, and worked for awhile for Julie Wree *

Barb, a college friend of Isabel's; once mistaken for Maggie *

Dr. Beaky, rich owner of the island of Chepan, puts down an uprising there; hires Rand Race for prestige; murdered by his dwarf lovers *

#Little Tony Belle, a punker friend of Joey Glass's *

#Benny, a friend of Hopey's; Hopey joins her band, the Damachers *

Beto, son of the unnamed Mexican man for whom Isabel acted as caretaker *

The Birmingham Lady Bashers, Beautiful Bev Davis and Darling Doris Roberts; women's tag-team champs since 1972 *

#Doyle Blackburn, knows Ray from high school, tho' he isn't a Hoppers native; hung out at Del's; friends with Hopey & Maggie; went to jail for a few years; was a collecter for a stripper named Stacy; later dated her friend Lily; lived with Ray for awhile, became homeless. Met up with Sid Doan, who got him in with his pals in L.A. and into smoking choad. *

Bolani, Norma Costigan's wild and crazy boyfriend. *

Bomber Bones, working for Costigan, had a fling with Penny in Zymbodia *

#Borneo, a tough associate of Sid's.

#Boyd, works for Luigi; betrays Rena to some kidnappers *

Eddie Bravo, sometime boyfriend of Nami Matsumoto; gets into a fight with Doyle who he thinks hurt her *

#Giant Gina Bravo, a wrestler at Vicki's camp; in love with Xochitl and then Maggie. She has a dream of being champion tag team wrestlers with Xo. *

Bubbles, a friend of Negra Costigan's. *

#Bull Marie, women's wrestling champ long before Rena; later a cop *

Buto, a big guy, friend of Moon's; decked by Rena *


#Bernie Carbo, pilot of the Saturn Stiletto, engaged to Rena before the ship crashed; later in jail in Zymbodia *

Casey: kidnaps Maggie in a room in Costigan's mansion, involved in some unexplained intrigue; they fall in love, but she decides to stay with Hopey *

#Claudia Casey, one of Vicki's wrestlers; becomes Texas state champion; relinquishes the title when she gets preggo *

Cash, see Watkins

Penny #Penny Century (Beatríz García); dippy but beautiful friend of Maggie and Hopey's. Grew up in Texas; dated Rand Race but split on him when she got pregnant; dated H.R. Costigan for years and finally married him, but spends most of her time screwing her bodyguards and playing superheroine *
Clarita, her daughter by Pete

India Chala, the 'Little Monster', a dwarf who gets into wrestling *

Maggie #Maggie (Margarita Luisa) Chascarrillo, also called Perla; Our Heroine, girl mechanic; lived with Tía Vicki after her parents' divorce; lived with Hopey for several years; worked with prosolar mechanic Rand Race in various places round the world; later worked at Zandy's, then at an insurance firm; lived with Ray for two years; reunited with Hopey in Badgeport, but after they quarrelled, left for Texas, where she ended up living with her father, then in an apartment with her sister Esther. Moves back to L.A., lives with Hopey awhile, then meets Tony Chase and marries him, only to divorce him within a few years. She currently works as manager of the Capri apartments in the Valley. *

#Quina, her mother; divorced. Lives in Montoya; said to be kind of crazy. *

#Nacho, her father; divorced by Quina after an affair; later moves to Texas and marries a woman named #Alejandra, and had daughters Sofia and Maribel. *

#Esther, Maggie's sister. At 16, involved with Rojo in Montoya and Speedy Ortiz in Hoppers. Much later, gets an apartment with Maggie in Texas. Marries Alvaro Hernandez. She has two children, Yolanda and Lupe.*

-Tío Benito, the brother of Maggie's grandfather; married Mexican wrestler Chole Hidalgo.

Maggie's brothers are Ruben, Manuel, and Angel. The latter two still live at home, fixing cars. *

Note: chascarrillo is Spanish for 'funny story'.

Tony "Top Cat" Chase, a skateboarder and punker Maggie meets in L.A. and doesn't quite go out with. Years later she runs into him again in L.A. and marries him; then divorces him within a few years. *

#Letty Chavez, Maggie's friend, born on Leap Day 1964; killed in a car crash at 14 *

#Chepa, Isabel's cousin; was in Las Widows. Her children are David and Laura. *

Chiness, one of Dr. Beaky's servant/lover/murderers. *

Chuy, a childhood friend of Big Eddie's. *

#Del Chimney (Porfirio Diaz Rubinski), purveyor of drugs and parties to Hoppers at "Del's Island of Lost Souls"; molester of women; murdered *

#La Chota, a bombshell blonde featured in filler strips *

#Mary Christmas, friend of Maggie's and Hopey's from their punk days; later lives in the east with her boyfriend Lee. Even later, shows up in L.A. as as assistant to Julie Wree. *

Clon, one of Moon's sub-thugs *

#Chucho, a cranky old man in Hoppers; likes to give Maggie and Hopey advice on finding boys *

Comrade 7, a superhero; Penny Century was president of her fan club *

#Herv R. Costigan, horn-headed billionnaire. Born in a one-room shanty, he was the horned boy in a carnival and saved up to buy it. Once briefly married to a woman named #Norma, with whom he had a daughter #Luz Negra; longtime sugardaddy for Penny Century, whom he later married. Recently deceased. *

#Norma Luna, his ex-wife, now living with #Negra in L.A. *

#Roy Cowboy, character featured in filler strips, speaking an unknown language *

Loretta Cox, a wrestler from Missouri *

Craig, a goth poseur who's enchanted by Izzy's house burning down.

Crystal, a hooker paid to play little girl to Nan Tucker; beaten up after she witnesses one of Nan's friends beating up another girl *


Daffy, see Matsumoto

Sunny and Summer Danisch, girl wrestlers from Utah *

#Demoña, once Ultimax's sidekick, turned 'bad girl', bodyguard to H.R. Costigan or Penny at various times *

#El Diablo Blanco; Rena's brother

#Sid "the Knife" Doan, apparently originally from Phoenix. He works for Julie Wree in L.A. for some time as part of her gang of Huerta punk rejects and for a time manages her cable show. Gets crazy for a new girl named Kebra, although he was dating Vivian at the time. Now lives like a wannabe mobster. *

#Dolores. As a geeky teen in Hoppers, she introduces Penny Century to comics; later she's Penny's roommate. She now runs a massage parlor/ cat hotel in Waxahachie. *

#Ray Dominguez, grows up in Hoppers with Doyle, Litos, Mando, etc., moves out east for a few years to study art, dated Maya there, moves back to Hoppers; lives with Maggie for a few years, then with Danita, then has an on-and-off fling with Penny. *
His brother is Benny; his sister, #Blandina; his mother, Chivita.

Duke, see Morales

Terry #Terry (Theresa Leeanne) Downe, punk rocker in high school; Hopey's lover till Hopey met Maggie; works for years for Monty's department store; forms band with Hopey, Zero, and Monica; takes band but not Maggie on tour; band breaks up; goes on to a seemingly successful music career *
-Fallon, her brother; married Lundin Bridges


Cornelius Edwards, dangerous dude who's Elias's daddy; killed Spider Salas; arrested while showing up at Ray's to look for Danita; killed in prison *

#Elva, owner of a motel in Chester Square *


Frances, apparently a lesbian, a friend of Jewel's *

Concha Frias, turn of the century Mexican wrestler; married Roberto Alberto Hidalgo; an ancestor of Vicki and Maggie.

#Fumble, Rocky's Radaron robot pal


Crusher Gaines, a wrestler, gets into a fight with India Chala *

#Mrs. Galindo, drunken old women who lives in a creepy house, which she leaves to Isabel when she dies. Her husband was Sal of Sal's Garage; he died long before the Chascarrillo kids were born.

Giggles Galore, an airhead nonce character, knows Maggie and Hopey *

Beatríz García: see Penny Century

Robbie García; plays on Benny Dominguez's softball team; beats up Ray, mistaking him for another guy *

#The García brothers (Enero, Febrero, Miercoles), always after women; their cousin Corréo likes Maggie; Enero later runs into Maggie in Chester Square, Texas, and again at Maggie's new apartment; Maggie cools on him when she finds him having sex with a guy *

Raymond Garcia; a garbageman who gave Fumble to Rocky

Gina: see Bravo

Hopey #Hopey (Esperanza Leticia) Glass, punk rocker, became Terry's lover and lived with her in a closet at Del's; introduced to Maggie by Isabel and lived with her at 451 (1981-84) and at Isabel's (-86); went on tour with Terry, leaving Maggie behind; after the band broke up, wandered various cities with Tex, who gets her pregnant at Penny's house; miscarries; reunited with Maggie, but not for long; roughed up by Nan Tucker's goons; goes on tour with the Damachers *
#Joey, Hopey's younger brother; also into punk for awhile; a womanizer *
Their parents (never named) are divorced. Hopey's mother[1] is Columbian; her father[1] is of Scottish descent.

#Vicki Glori, Maggie's (paternal) aunt; tag-team champion with Rena 1967-71; women's wrestling champ, 1973-86, 1987; Maggie lives with her after parents' divorce; stripped of title by the board; marries long-term lover Cash Watkins; adopts Hiroshi. Runs a camp for girl wrestlers. *

Guy Goforth, a coworker of Hopey's. He asks her out on a date and, amazingly, she seems to be interested. *

Mrs. Goldman, Rand Race's accountant, whom he finally marries *

#Charles Joseph Gravette (Zero Gravity), drummer for Terry's band *


Harvey, mechanic at Sal's Garage; worked with Maggie *

#Katy Hawk, one of Vicki's wrestlers; wins the Texas title from Xo *

#Yax Haxley, prosolar mechanic who works with Duke Morales and Rand Race *

Henry, the guy who taught Terry how to play guitar *

Henry, a guy who's good buddies with Maggie and Hopey for awhile when they're living at 451 *

Alvaro Hernandez, a boy Esther is engaged to for some time; they break off their engagement, but ultimately marry. *

Toyo Hibonales, cared for Rena in her youth in Zymbodia
Zono, her no-good husband, a cop; killed by a fellow cop aiming at Rena *

Chirisco and Chole Hidalgo, brother-and-sister tag team wrestlers, Mexico's first mixed tag team. Chole married Benito Chascarrillo.
Their parents were Roberto Alberto Hidalgo and Concha Frias.

The Hogg sisters, wrestlers who won the tag-team title from Rena and Vicki *

Hopey, see Glass

#Sharkey Horwitz, minor thug Rena beats up a few times *

#Ronnie Howard, a friend of Danita's; worked with her at Zandy's, later her boyfriend (before Ray) *


Isabel, see Ortiz

Ivat, one of a pair of art students who insult Maggie in Badgeport *


Jenny, big girl working as girl toy for Mrs. Watkins; Hopey goes down on her to calm her down; Mrs. Watkins knocks her down and almost kills her *

Joe, runs a tug from Rio Frio to Chepan; involved with Chepan's revolutionaries *

Jojo, one of Moon's sub-thugs *


Katie, a young resident of Hoppers, a friend of Craig and his goth chicklet.

Kitty Katz, New York wrestler, twice winner of Texas state crown *

Itsy and Bitsy Kazinafek, record-holding women's tag team champions

Kebra, a hanger-on of Julie Wree's. Sid falls in love with her; she's apparently his fiancée.

Kiko Kurihara, a friend of Daffy's; went out with Doyle for awhile. In the '90s, worked for Julie Wree. *


Hing Mon Lee, Cheetah Torpeda's father, murdered by the Black Glove

Lee, boyfriend of Mary Christmas; and his friend Leland

Lester, plays guitar in the band Hopey is trying to assemble out east

Licha, see Rodriguez

#Danita Lincoln, Maggie's coworker at Vandy's; has a baby, #Elias, by the rather dangerous Cornelius; when Maggie's out of town, starts dating Ray; works awhile as a stripper with Lily, then moves in with Maggie in Texas, working for wrestler El Diablo Blanco *

#'Litos, homey of Ray, Speedy etc.; shot in the eye by some locos looking for Speedy; ends up married with a kid, #Carlos *

Lois, an enormous bi woman who's into S&M; gives parties that Hopey and Maggie sometimes attended *

Mr. Lopez, a poor Mexican; Maggie fixes his truck once *

Louis, mechanic at Sal's Garage; worked with Maggie (and gave her that name) *

Louis, also the name of one of Ray's friends

#Little Luigi, a dwarf, owner of a restaurant near Chester Square *

Norma Luna, see Costigan.

Luthor, a man living in the sewers under Chepan; helps Maggie and Rena *


Machi, one of Dr. Beaky's servant/lover/murderers *

Maggie, see Chascarrillo

Mando, one of Ray's friends

Maniakk, supervillian, nemesis of Ultimax *

#Pepper Martinez, a wrestler; daughter of Rosa Rico; tag-teams with Rena for awhile; later a rival to Vicki; befriends Maggie. Owned WWW world belt at one time *

Gen. Matapolas, called in by Dr. Beaky to put down an uprising in Chepan *

Matilda, moves in with Maya for awhile, but is ejected in favor of Hopey *

Daffy #Daffy (Daphne) Matsumoto, a rich friend of Maggie's and Hopey's when they had their studio; hot for rocker Mike for awhile; later goes off to college *
#Nami, her sister, sometime girlfriend of Eddie Bravo; has a crush on Doyle and pursues him till she gets him into bed, then dumps him. *
Noel, their other sister

#Maya, onetime girlfriend of Ray; later a friend of Hopey and Maggie's; Hopey lives with her for awhile *

#Mr. Maynez, an old man who lives in Maggie's apartment complex with his cat Fleelee.. *

Merced, one of a pair of art students who insult Maggie in Badgeport *

Mike, lead singer for "Blamed Youth", Daphne likes him for awhile

#Mike the Viet Cong, a friend of Doyle's in HS days *

Mrs. Minder, anal-retentive woman who's in charge of Rena's son Antonio *

Moon, a thug who tries to hold Rena for ransom *

#Manuel (Duke) Morales, prosolar mechanic, once Bernie Carbo's mechanic, married Sandra *


#Xochitl Navas, Maggie's cousin, daughter of Maggie's uncle Jake; a mediocre wrestler; married to #Mario; her #kids are Mariposa, Oscar, and Junior. Named Texas state champion when Claudia Casey gets pregnant. *

Needra, Rocky's niece, showed her the outer space behind her house

#Boxhead Neslo, a punker friend of Doyle's. In the '90s, turns up working for Julie Wree.


Isabel #Isabel Maria Ortiz Ruebens, a writer; introduced Maggie and Hopey; a founding member of Las Widows; interested in the occult; married her English professor, divorced; has had three abortions; falls in love with a man in Mexico but her demons won't let her stay; kind of crazy; lives alone in Hoppers; was in an institution for awhile. Later on she seems to have some success as an author. *
Chabela, her older sister. *
Big Eddie, Isabel's brother (DS 59, MHCS 18), a friend of Ray, 'Litos, Mando, and Louis; married a Dairytown girl. *
#Speedy (Eulalio) Ortiz, Isabel's brother; a Hoppers homey; goes out with Esther; helps get Hoppers and Montoya in trouble; Maggie liked him but didn't discover till too late that he liked her too; killed himself *


Pat, a bartender at Taláo near Badgeport; friend of Maya, Frances, Rosa, etc *

-Paul, name of a sometime boyfriend of Terry

Peaches, a friend of Negra Costigan's. *

Perla, see Maggie Chascarrillo

Pete, one of Penny's bodyguards, who gets her pregnant; father of Clarita; she eventually sends him home to his wife *

#Janet Polo, patient girlfriend of Joey Glass for some years *


#Rand Race, prosolar mechanic; dated Penny for some time; worked with Maggie on several big mysterious jobs; involved with Dot Wilks, Lavana Laverne, and other women; finally married his accountant, Mrs. Goldman *

Rongo Ragney, robot-hating villain defeated by Cheetah Torpeda

Royal Don Rains, a wrestler who dated Rena for awhile *

#Rocky Rhodes, grew up with a Radaron robot named Fumble as a pal; befriended by Cheetah Torpeda; lost in space; later shows up as one of Danita's friends
Rhoda, her sister

Ricky, Negra Costigan's errant boyfriend. *

-Rosa Rico, Pepper Martinez's mother (is this the same as Tiger Rosa?)

#Lily Rivera, stripper, worked with Stacy for awhile; later Doyle's lover *

Mini Rivero, 4'2" host of Cocktail Hour, a '50s talk show.

#Big Boobs Blanca Rizo, Maggie's rival for Speedy's attentions *

#Licha Rodriguez, Maggie's cousin, head of the baddest chuca gang in Hoppers, the Widows; later works in community service *

Rojo, gang leader in Montoya; onetime boyfriend of Esther Chascarrillo *

Rosa, a lesbian who comes on to Maggie *

#Rosie, a friend and lover of Hopey's in L.A. Make that primary lover, since they sleep in the same bed. *

#Ruby, whore in a tiny town in Texas, who helps make Maggie's stay there miserable *

Jack Ruebens, Isabel's husband; a college professor


Sgt. Sado, policeman who's Hopey's nemesis as a tagger *

Sancho Conrado San Jo, rich mother, behind the governments of Zymbodia and Zhato. Once proposed to Rena. Assassinated during turmoil in Zhato.
Pedero Rodriguez San Jo, his son; bothers the mechanics on their job in Zhato; punched out by Rand *

Santiago, gay neighbor of Esther and Maggie in Texas *

#Sara, owner of a diner in Chester Square *

Sister Sin, beginning wrestler *

Rick Sole, wrestling announcer *

#Vivian Solis, a.k.a. Frogmouth, a.k.a. Velvet, a girl Maggie meets in L.A., who, reassuringly, has more problems than Mag does. She's going out with Reno but is also involved with Sid; she's also rather interested in Maggie. Ray goes through a period of obsession with her, too. She used to work at Cheetah Torpeda's, a strip bar, but now works in a vintage records store. She's been involved with Reno, Doyle, and who knows who else. *

#Space Girl, superhero rival of Cheetah Torpeda.

Sparky, a fat friend of Negra Costigan's boyfriend. *

Stacy, Doyle's stripper girlfriend for a time *

Stevie TV, friend of Terry's who introduces her to Del Chimney


Tall Tracker, an alien who tries to get the prosolar mechanics to make him a robot army to help him get off the planet *

Teddy Junior, Stacy's boss at Lips Inc. *

#Antonio, called Tex or Texas, who meets Hopey when he's buying some drums from Zero; hangs out with Hopey (alternately down and out or staying at Penny's) for a few years; gets Penny and Hopey both pregnant; drummer for a band with Hopey, Lester, Rick; roughed up by Nan Tucker's goons *

-Tiger Rosa, women's wresting champ before Rena (1957)

#Rena Titañon, women's wrestling champ 1957-1973 and sometime superhero; tag-team champions with Vicki Glori1967-71, lost title to Vicki 1973; gave birth to a kid, Antonio, given to others to raise; engaged to Bernie Carbo till the crash of the Saturn Stiletto; lost with Maggie in Chepan; tried a comeback for awhile *
Her son is Antonio; her brother is #El Diablo Blanco

Tito Jr., son of the security guard in Chester Square while working for his father, meets Maggie and has sex with her *

#Tom Tom, a friend of Daffy's; comes on to Joey Glass *

#Cheetah Torpeda, superhero friend of Rocky's; lives on planet Blotos

#Tse Tse (Rosa Colores Arriaga Banuelos), girl from Zhato who interprets for the mechanics there; later works for Rena Titañon in Zymbodia *

Nan Tucker, famous comedienne, whose life is now mostly organized around playing sex games with nubile girls *
Jewel, her daughter; Hopey lives with her awhile *

#Twyla, a friend of Hopey's; Hopey joins her band, the Damachers *


Ultimax, former superhero who fought crime with Go-Go Girl, now down on his luck; sought out by Maggie to fight Maniakk *


Venetia Vandetta, a nasty nonce character, knows Maggie and Hopey *

Varan the Unbelievable, another ex-boyfrield of Vivian.

Joe Van Nuys, a guy Rena finds in the desert and helps *

Vicki, see Glori

Patsy Villa, a friend of Nami's, who she relies on for wheels *


Mrs. Watkins, one of Nan Tucker's old lady friends, who's particularly brutal with her girl toy Jenny *

#Cash Watkins, pro wrestler, marries Vicki Glori *

#Webster, longtime head servant at Costigan's Badgeport mansion *

Dot Winks, reporter after an interview with Rand Race; gets into bed with him in pursuit of this, which helps turn Maggie off the mechanics gig *

#Julie Wree, once best friends with Hopey, but later beaten up by her and Terry; hifalutin pseudo-punker bitch; later seen as a receptionist. During the '90s, runs a toy factory with a bunch of Hoppers folks. She now has a particularly vapid cable access talk show. *


Larry (Lar' Dog) Ybañez, always drunk or fighting; hung out with Ray and Doyle; later married to Darleen *

#Itsuki Yeto, a friend of Daffy's. In the '90s she works for Julie Wree.


#Monica Miranda Zandinski, singer for Hopey and Terry's band; later gets a sex change and becomes Marco; married, lives in Mississippi or thereabouts *

Zero, see Gravette

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