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The citation form for verbs is the indefinite simple past, e.g. biid 'studied'. The gloss is however given as our own citation form, the infinitive, e.g. 'study'. This is done for ease of electronic searching; see the Verbs section for how to form the Flaidish infinitive.

The lexicon currently contains 1260 words.

baaʔ v suffer, undergo; passive auxiliary
back # five
backet a fifth
backmo n flaidish week (five days); quintet
badda n barrel [Keb. baada]
baffich # fifty
baub n fool [Caď. bobo]
baul adv north
baulyd prep to the north of
baulor prep (moving) to the north of
bauna n beef (as meat) [Ismaîn bone]
bauru v stink [Keb. bohru]
bauʔ n trow bean [Rafsani mbwaw]
becka n frog
befel n order, command [V.]
befeler n commander, officer; (naval) petty officer
Befelerenys ʔaviza Officers’ University
begailn v re-form, reconstitute
beem adv again (as prefix, be-)
beerk n sheep
bees v lose
bekrej v ask again, repeat (a question)
bellack n sword [V. belaca ‘straight sword’]
bellackatt n court manners [belacát]
beloop v fix [‘again-work’]
beloopel n repairman
bematt n capital [V. bemát]
bembeck n explorer [Rafsani bembek ‘paleface’]
bemeem v do again, repeat (an action)
berac n glory [Caď.]
beveed v take again, take back [‘take again’]
bezeck v say again, reiterate, repeat (a statement)
bidmory n monastery [‘study-place’]
biid v study
biit n study
bin n creep, sleazeball
binnick a creepy, sleazy
bist n task, something to do
bister things to do, agenda
bister v busy oneself, do errands
bochbo n pepper [Rafsani boşbaw]
bochy a horrible, nasty [Keb. bucy]
bodde n dish, recipe, fine meal [Keb. badi ‘meal’]
bodno n general [V. Boďneay ‘god of war’]
bonner # hundred
boor n wine
boorsichun n alcohol [calque on V. vimbeh]
booz n wheat
borner n grape [‘wine-berry’]
borpo a drunk [jocular formation ‘wined’]
boj v kill
bojiʔ n killing, murder
braam v smear
brin n corner
brudder n trunk, large box [earlier brunder = ‘box’ + intensifier]
brunn n box, case
bruʔ v use (words, methods, or other abstractions); employ, deploy[V bruhan]
bufauʔe n paralysis [V. bufauhe]
bukrare a infinite [V]
buul v share
buul testerys have sex [‘share of bodies’]
bukrare a infinite [V]
buliʔ n sharing; a share
buuliʔ testerys sexual intercourse
buur n skin, hide
bux a wise
buxel n Irreanist cleric [‘wise one’]
caarau n music [Keb. ceirau]
cadu n mountain [Keb. ‘mountain range’]
caimica n a cemisa, about 2500 ft. [Caď.]
cammisidas n orpiment [Caď. ecammisidas]
cenu v defend [Keb. ceḣnu]
cenumot n defense
cepplatt n chastity, virginity
cepple a virginal, chaste [V cepele]
cechtan v overthrow [V ceštan]
chad n ash, ashes
chainesa n appearance, looks [V. šaynesa]
chaiʔ n tea [V]
chalne n soup
chamatt n electricity
chame a electric [V šame]
chamio n electron [‘electric’ + dim.]
chatchet n lye [‘ash-stuff’]
chau n pipe [Keb. tyau]
cheef n wind
cheel n star
cheen a beautiful
cheernu n deck [Keb. cirnu]
cheesty n guitar [Ismaîn çişte]
cheet n stuff, material
chekchek n cocoa [V. šekšek]
chena n plate, dish [Ismaîn şine]
chem qnt other
chemmer n others, people (pl.)
chemor v trace, track [V. čemoren]
chend a quiet
chendmory n Irreanist temple [‘quiet place’]
chesse n sugar cane [Nanese tsêsi]
cheno n axis [V šëno]
chezmo n sugar [‘sugar-cane-stuff’]
chiff n chickpea
chiffnaut n long bean [‘chickpea-pod’]
chille n an herb, something like cilantro
chonick n boat [‘floater’]
choon v float
chauʔ n orange [Nanese tsɔu]
chor adv against, not in favor; despite that, although; regardless
choxau n canoe [Rafsani şawkşaw]
chord prep against; not in favor of; despite
chrifta n skill, knowledge [V. šrifta]
chuch n mud
chumu n bean paste [Nanese ciumu]
chunt n bone
chupse a miserly [V šupse]
churk n evil
churkmo n an evil or cursed thing
chuun a ugly
chuʔ v choke
corumaiʔa n harmony [Caď. corumaia]
cot n grammatical case [V]
cremo n hand as a measurement unit: 3.71 inches or 9.42 cm
cret n hand
crivogues n bureaucracy [V.]
cule n course, class [V]
curaya n reason, rationality [V]
curenda n festival; the third month of spring [Caď.]
daat v intend, aim
Dabir n Kebri [Meṫ. Davrio]
dabirick a Kebreni
daina n paper, document [Caď. daenos]
ʔujit fornackys daina letter of marque
dalachte a elegant [V. ďalašte]
dalu n king (of Verduria or other Verdurian-speaking countries) [V.]
datmot n intent, aim
Decknam n Dhekhnam
deej a happy
dell adv noon
dellaten n afternoon [‘noon and behind’]
dellsach v have lunch [‘noon-eat’]
dellsachiʔ n lunch (mid-day meal)
derk n waist
desiis v oppose, contradict [V. desisir]
desisel n paradox ['contradictory thing’]
desisick a opposite; contradictory
dex n field
dolk n thing
domm v sit
dont v decide [causative of ‘intend’]
dontmod n decision
doob v throw
doos n degree, extent
dor adv outside; outward
dordeej v enjoy [‘out-happy’]
doreem v perfect [‘out-complete’]
dorempo a perfect, flawless
dorfoot v leave, depart [‘out-go’]
dorgeel v wear out, use up [‘out-wear’]
dorgeet v burn up
doryd prep outside of
doror prep (moving) out of
dret adv across, beyond
dretfoot v cross [‘across-go’]
dretor prep (moving) across; in return for
drettyd prep beyond, across, over
dunn v set, put, place; general causative (make someone do) [causative of ‘sit’]
dunebit n physics [V. dune(viso) + ‘study’]
faach v cling, stick, adhere
fall n village
fatchet n mortar [‘cling-stuff’]
fatt a young
fax n wolf
faʔ n tree
faʔʔel n young person
feck a dark
feckit a black
feckmot n darkness
fecknap n the winter solstice; also the month after it [‘dark-day’]
fedd v cover (an opening), stop (a hole)
feddel n roof
fedjel n chief, foreman, boss; chief teacher at an Irreanist temple; sergeant [‘head-person’]
feej n head
feem n metal
feer a white
ferep n turnip [‘white-root’]
fell # three
fellem n one third; grammatical gender
fellmo n triple, trinity
felt a third
fench v tie, fasten, stick things together [causative of ‘cling’]
fenk n bottom
fer n husband
ferick n wife
feschet n paint [‘paint-stuff]
fesk n nest
fest v dip, daub; paint
fetchel n swallow (bird)
fetnap n the third day of the week
fichet a tenth
fichmo n decimal system (of numeration or measures)
fidmo n price
fiich # ten
fiit v pay (for), buy
fird v shudder, shake
fivvor n brother
flaid n flaid (pl. -en)
flaidick a flaidish, of the flaids
flaidril n a child flaid (that is, one younger than 23)
flaidyx n Flaidish (language)
flanatt n the sense of smell [V. flanát]
flit n stick
floom n storm
floomick a stormy
Flora n the country of the Flaids
fock n tooth
fold n ground, soil; floor
folgim v heed, pay attention [‘use the ear’]
fool n ear
foolchet n earwax [‘ear stuff’]
foot v go, move
for prep toward; about, on the subject of
forbufauʔ v paralyze [‘to-paralysis’]
forfeck v darken, blacken [‘to-dark’]
forgedjon v warrant, ensure, guarantee [‘to-happen’]
forgeel v put on, don; assume (a role) [‘to-wear’]
forgoom n throat [‘to stomach’]
forgonu v move, change residence [‘to-reside’]
formunk v hire [‘to-work’]
fornack v, n attack [‘to-fight’]
forsmeen v serve (feudally or commercially) [calque on V. probesir]
foruj v legislate, make a law, ordain
forudjel n legislator; member of the Floran parliament
forujmory n parliament, especially the Floran one
forvaar v bleed [‘to-blood’]
forvadj v butter, oil up; flatter [‘to-oil’]
forvadjick a unctuous, flattering
forvooj v swim [‘toward-immersed’]
fost v cook, heat
fostbit n cookery, the art of cooking
foy n river
frebb n sparrow
freff n cloud; fluff
freffer the clouds (in the sky); used in plural
freffnaut n cotton [‘fluff-pod’]
frej n shrub, bush
Frert n a river in Flora, passing through Kodderdex
frett adv but, however
frin adv with, along; pro, in favor
frind prep with, accompanying; using; in favor of
frinkund v delegate, entrust [‘with-send’]
frinkundel n delegate, trustee
frinkundgues n republic [‘delegate-nation’]
frinsoon n feminism [‘for women’]
frintood v understand [‘with-know’: calque on V. cumoteran]
frinzeck v agree [‘say with’]
frondos n penis (medical term) [Caď.]
fu pron I, me (child)
fuch v suck
fufu pron we (children)
funt v expel, exile [causative of ‘go’]
fur a hot
furmod n heat
furvock n summer [‘hot time’]
fus n right; the right hand
fusys adv rightward
fusysyd prep on the right of
fusysor prep (moving) to the right of
fuust n smoke; prayer
fuust v smoke; pray
fuuste conj minus; the minus sign [Keb. fuuste ‘without’, calque on V. sam]
fuʔ v blow
gaad v hoard, store
gaar v if (plus participle)
gaaz n wealth, riches
gaazel n rich man; nobleman, lord [from gaad ‘hoard’]
gaazelick a domineering, bullying
gaazick a wealthy, rich; noble
gaile n form, shape [Caď. gahile]
gailn v form, gather, coalesce [gaile + causative -n-]
gallam n dove, pigeon
garch n catfish
Gaskoom n a legendary invader and figure of fun [prob. Meṫ. Ɣasikumi ‘proud-lander’]
gedbackmo adv last week [‘fore-week’]
gedd adv (space) forwards; (time) beforehand, earlier
gedder n the front (of something); the past [pl. of gedd]
geddernap adv the day before yesterday
geddick a easy, straightforward [‘forwardish’; calque on Caď. fasil]
geddor prep (space) moving to end up in front of; (time) since
geddyd prep (space) in front of, facing, before; (time) before, earlier than
geddyd ty rather than
gedeedvock n the third month of fall [‘before-winter’]
gedev adv last year [‘fore-year’]
gedfoot v advance, go forward [‘go forward’]
gedjat v affect, influence [‘touch forward’]
gedjon v pass, overtake; happen, occur [‘come forward’]
gedjosfock n the third month of summer [‘before-fall’]
gedlad v remember [‘see forward (in time)’]
gedladiʔ n memory
gedmell a santimonious, hypocritical; evil masked as good [‘front-good’]
gednap adv yesterday [‘fore-day’]
geel v wear (clothes); use (tools, other physical things)
geet v burn; glow, shine
geez n pants; (archaic) outfit [nominalization of geel ‘wear’]
gen v be true, be the case (takes participle; irregular ongoing gess, gett)
Gess ty... It is the case that...
geneck a true
gepp n machine, instrument
ger n left; the left hand
gerys adv leftward
gerysyd prep on the left of
gerysor prep (moving) to the left of
gess ongoing form on gen ‘be true’; yes; even, indeed
gett definite ongoing form on gen ‘be true’
gettyt n dice [V geteta]
gilmo n skirt, dress
giln v wrap, clothe; roll up [causative of ‘wear’]
gint v kindle, ignite, set fire to
gommer n stomach (plural)
gonu v inhabit, reside [Keb.]
goreck # forty
goreet a fourth
gorkrege n ledger [Keb.]
gormo n quartet
gory # four
gozz a bad, nasty
greem # quarter, one fourth
greemur n 1/4 flaidish hour (= 1/2 V. hour) [‘quarter-hour’]
greetnap n the fourth day of the week
grett n wood
gromnap n the summer solstice; also the month after it [‘long-day’]
gromot n length
groom a long
groon n forest
groop v watch, look (at)
groop ladbo observe, perceive
gruʔ n owl
gues n nation, state power; form of government [V. gués ‘power’]
gust n the sense of taste; gourmandise [V.]
jaaʔ part question particle
jadd n neck
jag n clay
mell jag kaolin (used for porcelain)
jam v think
jara n a song or dance in Kebreni rhythm [Keb. ceira ‘song’]
jat v touch
jeck a weak
jeckmod n weakness
jeer a fat
Jeerio n a given name
jenu n carriage [Keb. źihnu]
jid a brown
jinn v have (habitual jys, jyt)
Ninx jys... There is...
Jijo n a given name [from jid]
jir n center, middle
jirchet n suspension; a substance combining the attributes of two other substances [‘between-stuff’]
jirfoot v coordinate, integrate [‘go between’]
jirfootel v coordinator; Guards commander
jirick a central
jirten n midnight [‘mid-night’]
Jirtenio n a given name; a city in Punzermo
jirviit v interrupt, intervene [‘push between’; calque on V. celpuyan]
jirysfock n the first month of the year and of spring [‘mid-spring’]
jiryosfock n the first month of fall [‘mid-fall’]
jiryun n transformation [‘between kind’]
jiryunatt n alchemy
jiryunel n alchemist
jirys adv to the center, centerward
jirysyd prep in the middle of, amid, among, between
jirysor prep into the middle of
jirzeck v converse [‘between-talk’]
jirzeckatt n conversation
jixa n cushion [Keb. iźicse]
jood v be located, take place
joor v rub
joot n place, location
joss a fast, quick
jund v settle, take root, establish oneself
jundmory n settlement, colony
jurick a usual, conventional
juur n convention, more
juydoni n formula, procedure [V. žuydoni]
jyngu n expenditures [Keb.]
jys v irregular ongoing indefinite form of jinn ‘have’
jyt v irregular ongoing definite form of jinn ‘have’
kaan n bread
kaaner rolls
laap kaan flatbread
kaijena n mistress [V kažžina]
kaim n god [Meṫ. kaimi]
kaimel n priest (polytheist or Eleďe) [‘god-person’]
kalt v cry
kar n arm
karna n a vine
kartor n elbow [‘arm-bend’]
katch n duck
kaumory n coffeehouse [partial translation of V. caunáe]
kaux n wagon
kechach n pause; the punctuation mark — (‘comma’) [V. kešaš]
nool kechach the full stop .
keejo n snake
keem n friend
keez v start, begin
keggim v stab, chop [‘use the knife’]
kell v must, have to (takes infinitive)
keln n bronze [Meṫ. kelon]
kematt adv a whole lot, muchly, pretty much [Keb. kimate ‘crazy’]
kemmel n breast
ken a light (not heavy)
krediʔ n question
krej v ask
kert n garden
kess n knife
kessio n dagger [dim. of knife]
kestora n philosophy [Caď.]
kex n cracker
kezmod n start, beginning
kiitro n lemon [Meṫ. kitro]
kim n rice [Nanese]
kiss a small
kissmot n smallness
kisser a tiny
kodd n fog
koggim v figure out, solve [‘use the brain’]
kolesa n fleet [Keb. kulisa]
komm n room
kommer lodging, residence
Konselora n the Verdurian King’s Council; used as a metonym for the Verdurian government [V. Konselora Daluy]
koodu n riverboat [Meṫ. koadu]
koon v seek, look for
kooniʔ n search
koor n circle
koos v drink
kor n moment, instant, time
korbit n calculus [‘study of instants’]
kosmory n tavern, pub
koz n brain, mind, soul
kozatt n mind, soul, spirituality
kozick a mental, spiritual
koʔ n rock, stone
Koʔeel n a city on Punzermo [‘stone beach’]
koʔʔick a rocky, stony
kraichre a private, personal [Caď. kraitres]
kraze n rose [Keb., from Caď. krase]
kreck v stand, stand up
kreednu n desk [Keb. kridnu]
kresmot n hunt
kress v hunt
krink v excite, rouse, invigorate, inspire [causative of ‘stand’]
kritt n fence
kriv n bunch; quiver
krom n soot
kronchet n ink [‘soot-stuff’]
kroog v break
kulesa n navy; fleet [Keb. kulisa]
Floram kulesa Navy of Flora
kuln n piece, part
kulnys adv in pieces, into parts, apart
kund v send, commission [causative of ‘seek’]
kundbo v lieutenant (in army) [‘sent’]
kunz v water (animals or plants), irrigate [causative of ‘drink’]
kussel n admiral [V. culso]
kusmod n gratitude, thanks
ʔokry kusmod Thanks!
kuus v thank
kutch n dog
kuʔ v cough
laat v fall
lach v seem, appear to be
lack v live, be alive
lad v see
ladick a familiar; same [‘seenish’]
ladmer v read [‘see-reflect’]
ladmo n sight, view
laggim v walk [‘use foot’]
lagu n income [Keb.]
laib n foot
laibdor n knee [‘foot-bend’]
laibgar n leg [‘foot-arm’]
laibzem n toe [‘foot-finger’]
laim n tongue; speech
lammo n disk, plate, flat thing
lan n daughter
lana n girl, maiden
laner a maidenly, virginal, chaste
lanermot n maidenhood, chastity
lapmech n plain, plateau
lapp a flat
lass a slow
Lassfoy n a river in Flora, passing through Festnap [‘slow river’]
laum n dream
laumo n daydream, reverie
lax n life
le pron he, she, it (child)
lebsett n mattress; bed [‘goose-down’]
ledise a normal, typical [V. leďise]
Ledley n city in Flora (known for its porcelain)
leeb n goose
leech v quarrel, argue [Caď. litis]
legchem a opposite (e.g. cold/hot, male/female) [‘other-est’]
legg n top, maximum
leilatt n vision, sight [V. leilát]
lele pron they, them (children)
lelly a cute [Keb. lele]
lend v show, expose [causative of ‘see’]
lent v drop, fell [causative of ‘fall’]
lerejan n good fortune; pleasure
lereje a fortunate, pleased [V. lereže ‘happy’]
lesk n salmon
lesteʔo n restaurant [Caď. lesteio]
liffel # six [lin-fell ‘2-3’]
liffleck # sixty
lifflet a sixth
liggan n airplane [Keb. lidaḣgan]
Floram Ligganer Floran Air Force
liggoreck # eighty
liggoreet a eighth
liggory # eight [lin-gory ‘2-4’]
liit adv east, eastward
lilo n garlic; any spice [Caď. alilo]
lilomory n grocery store
limfich # twelve [‘two-and-ten’]
limmo n couple, pair
lin # two
linnar a elegant, handsome (esp. of men) [Keb. ‘lordly’]
lint a second
liss qnt any
litnap n the second day of the week
litor prep (moving) to the east of
littyd prep east of
lolbodno n lieutenant general [‘under-general’]
lolkreck v support [‘stand under’]
loll adv underneath; downward
lollyd prep under, below
lolor prep (moving so as to be) under
lolvooj v sink, dive [‘down-immerse’]
looma n apple [Caď. lomos]
loop v flow; run, function
loost a lazy
lop v steal
loppel n thief
lorad n horse [Meṫ. lorade]
lostmod n laziness
lott a idiotic, stupid
lox adv only
loʔʔel n idiot
luckit a human [from luuk]
lujura n affection [V]
lurmo n coil, roll [‘round thing’]
lutt n breeze
luuk n human (uestu)
luukbit n human studies
luukril n human child
luur a round
maat v sell
mack a tall
mackmory n tower [‘tall building’]
madder n bird
maich n cat
maig n grain, kernel
maleme v protest, complain [V. malemec]
mann adv west, westward
mannor prep (moving) to the west of
mannyd prep to the west of
mard v remain, stay
marmo n pudding [‘something that stays put’]
masocreje a carnivorous [V. myasocreže]
matchet n merchanise, wares [‘sell-stuff’]
matmod n sale, purchase
mattrin n shop, store
mattrinel n shopkeeper, store owner
mauk v can, be able to
maum n lion [Rafsani mawm]
max n rabbit
meban n canal, channel [V]
meche n bag, sack [Ismaîn mişci]
meckin n a large Floran silver coin, worth 1.2 falî
meclibit n chemistry [V. mecli(viso) + ‘study’]
meed n sleep
meedick n sleepy, tired
meeg v gripe, complain, mumble
meem v do (general verbal anaphor)
meert v want, wish
meet prep like, similar to
meez n gripe, complaint
megiiʔ n five minutes [V. meguî]
mell n good [Caď. melis]
mellbit n morality [‘study of good’]
mellaim n blessing ['good speech’]
mend v leave (abstract senses); bequeath; let, allow [causative of ‘stay’]
memu v find a way to fix things, deal with, dar um jeito [Keb. mimu]
mer v consider, reflect
meregu n treasure, valuables [Keb. mirigu ‘riches’]
met pron why
metch n land, country (in compounds, -mech)
Metcheren n Almea [‘great lands’]
mevdonec n participle [V.]
mez n honey
mifa v allow, legalize [V. mifan]
miffich # twenty [‘double ten’]
miffit a hungry
migga # one thousand [Keb. myga]
miif n hunger
miikor pron when [‘what time’]
miil pron who, what
miinit pron how much, how many
miip v die
miipiʔ n death
miis adv twice, double
miiv n lust for, covet [from miif]
mildoz pron to what extent, to what degree [‘what extent’]
millick pron which [‘what’ + adj. suffix]
minden qnt every, all
mingor adv always
mingrick a permanent; the habitual tense [‘always-ish’]
mingrickel n court [‘permanency’]
mod v love
molnux n creature, monster
moog v yield, produce, bear (e.g. crops)
mook v yield, production
moonu n news [Keb. mohnu]
moot n way, manner
mör n rule, protocol [V.]
morn a first
mornap n the first day of the week
mornel n leader [‘first one’]
mornfedjel n the prelate of a city [‘first high-priest’]
mornril n heir; prince
mornsach v have breakfast [‘first-eat’]
mornsachiʔ n breakfast
morntech v prefer [‘first-like’]
mornziit v discover, notice [‘find first’: calque on V. pertróuen]
moss v wash, clean
mosspo a clean, washed
most adv now
mot n love
much v kiss
muchiʔ n kiss
mull a last
Munch n a river in Flora, passing through Muncham
Muncham n town in Flora
munizel n cake, pastry [V. yon munizul ‘fancy bread’]
munk v work [causative of ‘yield’; originally restricted to farming]
munkmo n job; work
mur n hour (= two V. hours) [Keb. mur]
murebuus a fantastic [Caď. murebues]
myx v lug, haul [Keb. mycsu]
na pron he, she, it (adult subject; alternative form)
naak qnt rare, seldom
naap n day
naapys n today
naav v fly
naavel n airman, pilot
naaz a heavy, massive
nabber n captain [Keb. nabreu]
nack v fight
nackel n fighter, soldier
Metchys Nackeler National Army
naddyne n stumbling block, wrench int he works [Keb. nadani ‘obstacle’]
naff v flight
naffest n dawn, sunrise [nap-yest ‘sun-rise’]
naj adv very
najeza n couch [V nažeza]
namary n lead (the metal) [Meṫ. namari]
namer v intend [V. nameran]
nameratt n purpose, intent [V namerát]
namerick a on purpose, intentional [V. namerec]
nammed n sunset, dusk [‘sun-sleep’
naprid n sun, Ënomai [‘day-fire’]
nar pron him, her, it (adult object; alternative form)
nary a his, her, its (alternative form)
nassechy a pregnant [V. nasitse]
naup a ancient
naupel n iliu [‘ancient one’]
naut n pod, husk; cartridge
nax n way, direction
nazmod n weight
ne pron he, she, it (adult subject)
neck pron this or that one
neckit pron this or that
neckor pron then, at this or that time
neckmod n (instant in) time [‘then-ness’]
neddoz pron to that extent, to that degree
neer n berry
neet a this
neev n name; consider, deem
neez n guilt [‘namedness’]
neggim n be called, be named
nelk v sing
nelko n song
nell a sweet
neller n babe, sweetie [‘very sweet’]
nellerick n sweetheart, boy- or girlfriend [neller ‘very sweet’ + -ick]
nellit a nice [‘sweetish’]
nemannick a homosexual [Keb. nemanec]
nemot pron in this or that way, thus, so [‘this way’]
nen n a Floran unit of weight, .7 pound or 1.5 kg
nennit pron that much, that amount
nëron a holy [V]
nery a his, her, its
nezick a guilty, culpable
niil n arrow
niira n yam [Nanese nyara]
niis a raw
niit n amount, sum
ninx pron this or that direction [originally ninax ‘that direction’]
ninxyd pron here, there (location)
ninxor pron hither, thither (allative)
nivv v fire (from a job) [Keb. nyvu ‘throw out’]
no pron mostly jocular alternate third person form
nolleck n the large Floran gold coin [‘biggish’]
noller a giant [‘big’ + intensive]
nollerick n giant (the legendary race, or simply a huge person) (plural -en)
nollertiff n dragon [‘giant lizard’]
nollmod n bigness, greatness
nomelly n weather [V nomelî]
nool a big, large, great
noof n growth, increase
noov v grow, increase
novel n plant
novio n fruit, a growth
nox n son
nu adv reciprocal (in mathematical expressions); the division sign [Keb. -nu, fraction-forming affix]
nuxo n boy
nykrau n hangover [Rafsani ŋkraw ‘bad trip’]
paggim v shop [‘use the market’]
paix n market
paixnap n market day (usually alternate greetnaps)
pansyr a lovely, gorgeous [Keb. ‘dear’]
passet v visit [V. pasetir]
pauna n butch lesbian [V. pona]
pauto n coat, cloak [V.]
peda n the oil of the karna vine, used to flavor beer [Keb. pida]
peer a red
përnapa n saltpetre [V]
perner n raspberry [‘red berry’]
perun # million [V]
pich n dirt, soil
pichick a dirty
Pickapo n town in Flora [archaic ‘blessed’; cf. piiker]
piiker n culture hero, spirit; (Old Flaidish) god
piim n tar, pitch
pin v rest, relax
pinmod n rest, relaxation
pinnap n the fifth (resting) day of the week
pinse n icëlan [Ismaîn pîse]
piya n 3-second interval [V.]
plasty n nerve [V]
plestura n history [Caď.]
ploor v boil
podj n bed
ponk n nose
poola n ball [V. pula]
pooro adv certainly, of course [V. puřo]
porr n glass, cup
priis v fit, suit, be useful
prisick a suitable; agreeable, pleasant
prec v beseech, plead, beg (a favor) [Caď. precer ‘request’]
ʔes precse please or you’re welcome
precmo n plea, beseechment; favor
pretäro n valet [V]
prid v divide, cut up
priddel n a Floran emur coin, worth 1/6 meckin [‘divider’]
pridmo n division, slice
prolesta n charm [V]
prolestick a charming
prommev n the last month of the year [‘end-year’]
prommo n ending, stopping point
prool v feel, experience
proom v end, stop
proomick a final, ending
proomiʔ n stop, ending
proose n inn [V prusi]
prooz n emotion, feeling
protmod n hatred
prott v hate
psuronda n famine (the p is silent) [Caď.]
ptocond n element, substance (the p is silent) [Caď. ptocondos]
pun a new
Punzermo n the flaidish archipelago in the Escrín sea [‘new island’]
rane v maintain, guard [V. řaner ‘keep]
raneel n guardian
Zermom Raneel Island Guard
Fatt Raneel Young Guard, Scout
rant v pull
raul adv upward; on top
raulatt n covering; spread
raulmeert v make a wish [‘wish up’]
raulmeert ʔy porrt make a wish by emptying a glass of wine on the ground
raulor prep onto; (moving) over
raulyd prep on, above, over
razumbre a intelligent [V]
reep n root
reez n copper
reffich # thirty
res adv thrice, triple
rex v greet, welcome
reʔl n morning
riid n fire, lamp
riigu n price, cost [Keb. riḣgu]
riil n child; boy, girl
riik v scratch
rilick a, n childish; child language
rilmot n childhood
risunë n drawing, picture [V]
rocepple a unchaste
rocura n adventure [V]
rogeddick a hard, difficult
rogeneck a false
roledise a abnormal, untypical
romifa v prohibit, forbid, disallow [V. řomifan]
ronamerick a unintentional
ront v spoil
rook n fox
roscrifel n the ongoing tense [‘non-past’]
rovick a short
rovoleme n unwilling
rovvel n dwarf
rungim v spot, spy [‘use the eye’]
runn n eye
rusom n thug, hoodlum [V. řusiom]
rysmory n castle, fortress [‘strong place’]
rysmot n strength, force; a taste receptor triggered by purines
ryss a strong, forceful
sach v eat
sachiʔ n meal
sachkom n kitchen [‘eating place’]
sack v bristle, prickle, be bushy
sackit a bristly, prickly
sackel n beard [‘bristler’]
saldia n sensation through the air [V. salďia]
sam # seven
sammet a seventh
sammich # seventy
sammo n Caďinorian week; septet
sarg a bright; yellow
sargmot n brightness; a flaidish taste receptor
sars a dry
satchet n food [‘eat-stuff’]
satre a sovereign [V]
satter n hemp
sauʔ adv never
sax n hawk, falcon
Saxys n an Irrean philosopher [a family name, ‘of the hawk’]
saʔ n mouth
scagantos n vagina (medical term) [Caď.]
scrifel n the past tense [Caď.]
se pron you (singular adult subject)
secku n carnation
seek v lie (down)
seele v try [Caď. eciler]
seen n luck, fortune
seenit a lucky, fortunate
sekle n rye [V. segly]
seer pron you (plural adult)
selle a wide, thick
sellmot n width, thickness
semm n cake, patty
sench v etch, corrode [causative of ‘eat’]
seo n the ego, the self [Caď. seo ‘I’]
seobojiʔ n suicide [‘self-killing’]
sern v run, gallop
serp v sweep, brush
serov n a type of small sailboat
sery a your (singular)
serym a your (plural)
sett n down, stubble; seedlings
sezzu n dried meat [V. sezu]
sichon v come inside, enter [‘in-come’]
sichun n essence; distillation, spirit [‘inner type’; chemical use calqued on V. beh]
sidrau n soy sauce [Nanese sidrɔu]
sidiis v deceive [V. fsiduisir]
sidiisick a deceitful
sigi a discreet, hidden [Ism. ‘quiet’]
siid n cheese
siit v hurry, rush
simano n glove [V. sinmano]
sink v pack; store [causative of ‘lie’]
sitdunn v insert, put inside [‘in-put’]
sitfoot v go inside, enter [‘in-go’]
sitkreck v remain, continue [‘in-stand’]
sitrex v invite, welcome in [‘in-greet’]
sitt adv inside, inward
sitter n the insides (of something) [pl. of sitt]
sittor prep into
sittoz v accept, consume [‘in-get’]
sittyd prep in, inside of
situreo n siege [Ver.]
sitveed v accept, bring inside, take in [‘take inside’]
sitviit v push [‘in-press’]
skeet v help
sken a poor
skenmod n poverty
sketmod n help, assistance
skun v build, make
sluchia n hearing [V. slušia]
smeen v vow, promise
smeeniʔ n vow, promise
smett n litter, trash
sneep v hide
sock n nail
som prep without; minus [V. sam]
sonn n heart
sooch n spoon, tablespoon
soochio n teaspoon
sood pron because
sooden conj therefore, thus, so
soom adv less
soon n woman (i.e., a female adult flaid)
soor v dig
soorel n elcar [‘digger’]
soss n salt
sossick a salty
sudaddy n an Ismaîn-style robe [Ismaîn sudâde]
sudatchy n an Ismaîn-style skirt [Ismaîn sudâşe]
supno n cape, point [Keb. supnu]
surdena n fact [V]
sutmory n bakery
suut v bake
suuʔel n baker
syx n king (former nominal ruler of the flaids; not used for humans)
Syxesteer n capital of Flora [‘king’s city’]
syxesterick a of or from Syxesteer
taan n sea
taanel n sailor, seaman
taanick a of the sea
taat v open
taax v meet
taaxiʔ n meeting
tack pron we, us (adult)
takym a our
tam v cover
tammo n cover, covering
tannetel n pest, bothersome person [Keb. ṫanite + -el]
tant v teach
tantel n teacher
tarj n object; measure word for blocky things
tarmo n shelf [‘hold-thing’]
tart v hold
tau n lake
taul n bowl
tauken v screw, have sex [V. tocen ‘touch’]
tech v like, be fond of (takes infinitive)
teen n night
teenys adv tonight
teer n city
tell adv south
tellyd prep south of
tellor prep (moving) to the south of
tem n cow, bull
tembur n leather [‘cow-hide’]
tembrick n calf
temmo n door; port [early Keb. temno]
tendrid n moon [‘night-fire’]
ter n square (shape); plaza
tereme a solid, firm; strict [V. teřeme ‘solid’]
terkoʔ n brick, block ['square rock']
test n body
testatt n matter, the physical
testerys n sex [buuliʔ testerys ‘sharing of bodies’]
tiff n lizard
tiin a loyal
tim qnt some
tinkor adv sometimes
tiplüba n wig [V]
tolk n oak
tood v know, know how to
todmot n knowledge
tomp a blunt, dull
toob qnt many, much
toob kor often
toober qnt too many, too much
toor v bend
toos n egg
tootannel n newspaper, magazine [V tutanél]
tors n trunk (of a tree); rod, beam
toryvau n trade, commerce [Keb.]
tradd v pile, stack
tragg # ten thousand
tratt n pile, stack
traze a fancy, fantastic, overdone [Ismaîn ‘too much’]
trazel n fop
treck v wake up, awaken
trecker a alert [intensifier of treck]
tress v mix
tresspo a mixed; (Irreanism) of mixed good and evil
triff v weave
triffmo n loom
trin n house, home
trink v warn, alert [causative of ‘awaken’]
trock n frame, framework
trogulo n the sense of touch [V.]
troom v hurt
tropp n pimple
trotmory n barn
trott n hay
tucker n mirror
tulgim v write [‘use-feather’]
tuma n plague [Caď.]
tund v declare, proclaim; confess, acknowledge [causative of ‘know’]
tunn v twist, crumple [causative of ‘bend’]
tuuch a sad
tuul n feather
ty conj that
va pron me (adult)
vaad v protect, shelter
vaal n leaf; page, sheet (pl. vaalen)
vaar n blood
vaav v jump
vack a blind
vackel n blind person
vadj n butter, oil
vadmot n defense, protection
vaja n bottle [Keb. veźa]
valer n bunch of leaves; issue (of a magazine), volume [intensifier of ‘leaf’]
vass n iron
vassick n made of or like iron
vatfaʔ n olive tree
vatner n olive (fruit)
vaul n shoulder
vaumat v deceive; feign, pretend [Keb. voimatu]
vaur v wait
vaut v marry, wed
vautmod n marriage
vautmodnap n wedding, wedding day
vecke a thin
veed v take, grab
veen a old
veer v beat, hit
veeriʔ n blow, hit
veest v scream
veez n water
vejicreje a vegetarian [V. vežicreže]
velt v change
veltmot n change
vence v win, gain the victory [V. vencir]
venceʔo n victory [V. venceo]
Verduria n Verduria [V]
verdurick a Verdurian
veʔn v delay [causative of ‘wait’]
vick adv nearby, close
vickel n neighbor [‘nearby person’]
vickelit a neighboring, adjoining, adjacent
vickyd prep near, close to
vickor prep (moving) near
viit v press, apply pressure
viss v carry
vock n season, time (period)
vockit n month
vod a bold
vodchet n sherry ['bold wine']
vodmot n boldness
voleme a ready, willing [V.]
vooj v be immersed; swim
von v negative verb (ongoing voss, vott)
vor qnt none, not any
voss v ongoing form on von ‘not’; no
vott v definite ongoing form on von ‘not’
vrick n wound, injury
vrig v wound, injure
vunj v immerse, submerge, drown (someone) [causative of ‘be immersed’]
vunjiʔ n immersion; drowning
vur a whole, entire
vurick a adult, mature
vurickmod n coming of age
vuz adv back (to where one had been; cf. ʔat ‘backwards’)
vuzfoot v go back, return [‘go back’]
vuzyon v come back, return [‘come back’]
vuzor prep back to
yach n play
yack n lip (pl. -en)
yadd n hill
yadj n ant
yaich v clench, tighten
yaitchet n astringent; alum [‘clench-stuff’]
yart n fish
yatt n fun
meem yatt have fun
yattick n game
yau pron they, them (adult)
yauj pron why. what for
yaul v hear, listen
yaum a their
yeck n ice
yeff v sniff
yeln v inform, tell [causative of ‘hear’]
yej v check, test
yejatt n check, test
yest v rise
yet n they (alternative form)
yez n story, anecdote [yeln + -z]
yeʔm n their (alternative form)
yint v raise, lift [causative of ‘rise’]
yog n loud, noisy
yon v come
Yonse mill? What’s happening (with you)?
yoss v harvest, reap
yosfock n fall, autumn [‘harvest season’]
yoven adv (and) then, next [‘and next’]
yovy a next
yurfaʔ n maple
yuun n type, kind, class; nature, temperament
yunatt n class; all the instances of a type of thing; (sexual) gender
legchem yunatt the opposite sex
zaat v graze
zaru v equals (in mathematical expressions); the equality sign
zaul a green
zaʔel n ruminant, grazing animal
ze v be (attributive); irregular ongoing forms zys, zyt
zeck v speak, say
Zeckno... Well...
zeddo n ensign [Keb. zeideu]
zeem n finger
zeer a alone, sole; apart
zeerel n hermit, ascetic
zeerel mornril the Hermit Prince (Saxys)
zeergues n monarchy [‘sole (leader) nation’]
zeggim v point [‘use the finger’]
zemod n state, condition, state of being [‘beingness’]
zendonick n clue, evidence [V. zendonec]
zent v drive, lead; herd [causative of ‘graze’]
zentel n herdsman, drover
zermo n island
zermolaim n the island dialect
Zermomech n the Nesian archipelago— the island group just east of Flora [‘island-country’]
zetter n colonel [Keb. zetarei]
zichmod n obedience
ziich v obey
ziit v find
zymme adv maybe, perhaps [zyn + adverbial -me]
zyn conj or [from zeno irrealis of ‘be’]
zynen conj or (between sentences)
zys v is, are, am: irregular indefinite ongoing form of ze
zyt v is, are, am: irregular definite ongoing form of ze
zondre a annual [V]
zoop v chop
zuss n blade
ʔaad v give
ʔaax a blue
ʔaaʔ intj oh, ah
ʔabb adv more
ʔabbosa v succeed [V. abbosan]
ʔabbosatt n success [V. abbosát]
ʔachon v proceed, go (in the sense of ‘how things are going’; used with plural subjects) [‘come behind’]
ʔachosfock n the second month of fall [‘after-fall’]
ʔadmo n gift
ʔagasa v annoy, bother [V. agasan]
ʔagasick a annoying
ʔagban n hindrance, obstacle [V. agban]
ʔajuvia n vacation [V. ažuvea]
ʔakmize v object, disagree [V. akmizec]
ʔaluatas n grammar [Caď. aluatas]
ʔan n mother
ʔarp n barley
ʔat adv (space) back, backward; (time) later
ʔatana n army [Keb. aṫana]
ʔatbackmo adv next week [‘back-week’]
ʔateedvock n the second month of winter [‘after-winter’]
ʔaternap adv the day after tomorrow
ʔatev adv next year [‘back-year’]
ʔateʔ conj times; the multiplication sign [Keb -eḣte, ordinal plus adjectivizer]
ʔatfoot v go backward, back up [‘backward-go’]
ʔatlad v predict, foretell [‘see back (in time)’]
ʔatnap adv tomorrow [‘back-day’]
ʔatladiʔ n prediction
ʔatyd prep (space) in back of, behind; (time) after, later than
ʔato n the back (of something); the future [pl. of ʔat]
ʔator prep (space) moving to end up behind; (time) until
ʔattony n apartment [V. atuny]
ʔatysfock n the second month of spring [‘after-spring’]
ʔaull v deal with, handle
ʔavaila n Avéla [Meṫ. Awoilas]
ʔaviza n university, academy [Keb.]
ʔaxner n blueberry
ʔechkocha n pork (as meat) [Ismaîn eşkuşe]
ʔeck adv almost
ʔeckbonner # ninety
ʔecker # nine [‘almost (ten)’]
ʔeckret a ninth
ʔectel n pen [Caď. iectil]
ʔedick a cold
ʔedolobit n geometry [V. eidolo(viso) + ‘study’]
ʔeed n cold, coldness
ʔeedvock n winter [‘cold time’]
ʔeel n edge; bank, shore, beach
ʔeem v finish, complete
ʔeen # combining form of ʔy ‘one’
ʔeez n color, flavor
ʔegg n sky
ʔej conj plus; the plus sign [Keb. eḣc ‘and’]
ʔejme adv also, too [‘plus-ly’]
ʔeklura n hedonism, sensuality [Keb.]
ʔeldoob v throw away, discard [‘away-throw’]
ʔeldoobel n garbage
ʔelfoot v leave, go away [‘away-go’]
ʔelfootel n traveler
ʔelgeel v undress, take off (clothing) [‘away-wear’]
ʔelibit n biology [V. eliri(viso) + ‘study’]
ʔell adv away
ʔeller a far
ʔellyd prep away from, far from
ʔelmech adv abroad, away from home [‘away-land’]
ʔelmechick a foreign [‘abroadish’]
ʔelmod v fall out of love; estrange someone’s affections [‘away-love’]
ʔelmunk v slack off, shirk [‘away (from) work’]
ʔelneez v forgive, absolve, excuse [‘away-guilt’]
ʔellor prep (moving) away from
ʔelpich v dust, wipe off [‘away-dirt’]
ʔelryn n king (of Ismahi or Azgami) [Ismaîn elŕyn]
ʔeltaat v close, shut [‘away-open’]
ʔeltam v uncover, discover
ʔeltrin n capital of Punzermo [‘far home’]
ʔelvadj v degrease [‘away-oil’]
ʔelviit v pull [‘out-press’]
ʔelzent v seduce, corrupt, lead astray [‘drive away’]
ʔelziich v disobey [‘away-obey’]
ʔem pron he, she, it (adult object)
ʔepesec n the irrealis tense [V. ‘conditional’]
ʔerenat n Érenat [V.]
ʔeridas n cinnabar [Caď. eruidas]
ʔerrene n mutton (as meat) [Ismaîn ŕini ‘lamb’]
ʔerram n jungle [Nanese ȟeram]
ʔery n map [Keb. eri]
ʔerybit n cartography
ʔes pron you (singular adult object)
ʔetchane a possible [V. eššane]
ʔev n year
ʔeveck a yearly
ʔezpo n comics [‘colored’]
ʔibro n book [V]
ʔibromory n library, bookstore
ʔicetebit n mathematics [V. hicete(viso) + ‘study’]
ʔidd n bridge
ʔil pron you (singular child)
ʔilil pron you (plural children)
ʔimlel v publish [V. imlelen]
ʔimlelel n publisher
ʔip a silent
ʔipmod n silence
ʔirran n Irrean, a flaidish philosopher
ʔirranatt n Irreanism
ʔislaunë n infinitive [V. islaunë]
ʔismaiʔi n Ismahi
ʔismaiʔick a Ismaîn
ʔobb n half
ʔobmur n half-hour (= V. hour)
ʔoj pron how
ʔok pron I (adult)
ʔokry a my
ʔoligugues n oligarchy [V. oligugés]
ʔollyd pron where, at what location
ʔolor pron whither, to what location
ʔolx a cheap; quick, hasty, tacky
ʔool pron in what direction
ʔopfë n victim [V. opfë]
ʔopo part hello!
ʔotinimache a probable [V. otinimaše]
ʔott n father
ʔoz v get
ʔubeer n vampire
ʔuchen n fowl, poultry (as food) [Ismaîn huʐn]
ʔugau n coffee [Nanese yugaȟau]
ʔuj n law, rule
ʔujit a legal, lawful
ʔudjel n lawyer
ʔulle a friendly
ʔunz v furnish, supply [causative of ‘get’]
ʔuss n meat
ʔut adv alongside
ʔutor prep (moving) next to
ʔutoz v accept, receive [‘alongside-get’]
ʔuttyd prep next to
ʔutveed v pick up, grab [‘take to (oneself)’]
ʔutze v be present, exist [‘be alongside’]
ʔutzemod n presence, existence
ʔuug v drill, make a hole
ʔuuk n hole, slot, socket
ʔuur a empty
ʔutul a pure, refined (metals, chemicals) [V. utul]
ʔuvere n outfit, garment, clothing [V. uverë]
ʔuveremot n clothes, fashion
ʔuvo n lieutenant [Keb. ḣuvum]
ʔy art one; a
ʔyd prep at; (time) at, during, while
ʔydjot adv instead, rather [‘at place’]
ʔymfich # eleven [‘one-and-ten’]
ʔymo n unit, whole
ʔymot n oneness, unity
ʔyss v rain
ʔysfock n spring [‘rain-season’]
ʔyx n rain

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