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Posted by Jonathana Tegire on 7:47 6/11/02

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Wow. Amazing how two languages can use the same words for two different things.

So I guess without translation, my Verdurian name would be Jonatana Duhanatanai Tegire. I used t for th instead of dh because Tigerian th is always as in "thin", never the harsh th as in "there." That sound is only used by the Thuragenasin (or, as they call themselves, the Thrghen) and possibly the Gurdagun (whose name is similar to that of a people on Almea by utter chance).

I don't know if I'd use Zol. Sounds too ::searches for word:: Gurdish to me. Perhaps Daush. My Tigerian name is a play on words. It can also mean "strong cat" if you make it into jon - athana. Jon is a shortened form of jonata (the older form of shonata), and athana (as in Athanire) means cat. I couldn't find cat in the list of names, but I could find tiger. perhaps i could incorporate andor into it, making it "mighty tiger." So maybe Andordaush or Daushandor? I dunno. I guess if I ever visit I'll use the un-translated version. Too much of a mouthful otherwise.

Debanea hinaranafir hanie tuina hemone an hamune an veline san Taovana! (Go with peace so that you can live and love and serve the Lord!)
Sorry, that's my best translation without resorting to English idioms. I trust this isn't an insult to any Almeans?

Mark responds:

Well, some polytheists might not like a near-quote from the Catholic mass! It's hard to please everybody, though!

'Cat' is ailuro.

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