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Posted by Jonathana Tegire on 16:05 6/10/02

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Airana, Mark!

I've been trying to figure out what my name would be in Verdurian. I know it starts with the first name, followed by a modified form of the father's name. And then the family name. I get that.

But how would you make Duhanathana into a patronymic? Maybe I should translate it to Verdurian first. It means "intelligent one."

Should I translate Jonathana ("Strong One") into Verdurian as well? I could use a little help here. I'm trying to learn more about Verdurian culture, but Mr. Letidan Gunoro is stumped as well.

Thanks for your help should you decide to give it.
Hemonea san runaurun! (Live under the sun)

-J. Tegire

Mark responds:

Masculine verbs in -a form their patronymic in -ai; so you'd say Duhanatanai, with the stress on the last a.

There's no th in Verdurian, so I substituted t; you could also use s or dh.

It's not necessary to translate your name-- Verdurians are used to odd foreign sounds, by now-- but if you do it'd be Zol. If that seems too short, you could append one of the other name elements.

Make sure you don't say Hemonea san runaurun! to an elcar, for whom it would mean "Go be a homeless person!"

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