Pere urek - read!

Posted by Tuomo Sipola on 19:00 6/6/02

In reply to: Pere urek - read! posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 00:35 6/6/02

Accent has always been difficult for me. Pere urek was just because of tension in the beginnig of my reading act.

Z's sound like zh's because zh is easier to pronounce. Well, they both are not part of Finnish phonology so I might mix them up. I don't mix them when I speak French though :)

M in suleom also disappears because Finnish doesn't have word final m's (earlier it had but eventually that m merged with n thus merging accusative and genitive). I'll try to emphasize it.

Ke tends to k@ because I use middle-european "standard" for my Verdurian pronunciation. You mean it dhould be pronounced like è in French père?

Maybe I pronounce k a bit too far in the throat.

Thanks for advice.


Mark responds:

Yes-- Verdurian e is like French è

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