Pere urek - read!

Posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 00:35 6/6/02

In reply to: Pere urek - read! posted by Tuomo Sipola on 12:07 6/4/02

I finally got a chance to download it. I think you do well-- possibly better than I would, since if I try to speak Verdurian (or any foreign language) quickly, I start to get sloppy with the phonetics.

Watch out for the stress-- e.g. it's pére úrek, not peré urék; also grazhénom and Míhel.

Your z's (as in kuzulo) sound like zh's sometimes. And it sounds like the final sound in suleom gets lost. The final vowel in ke sounds a bit odd, like a schwa; it should be an open e.

I can tell that you're distinguishing c and k, but it's hard to tell exactly how you're pronouncing k. :)

I hope that's not discouraging! It was fun to listen to, and I thought you might like feedback.

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