Statistics in Verdurian/Viminian

Posted by Daan Goedkoop on 20:7 6/4/02

In reply to: Statistics in Verdurian/Viminian posted by Philip Newton on 9:47 6/4/02


Thank you for those links, as, well, er, if you choose Verdurian on the statistics page, you get the Virminian statistics, as the URL links to /verdurian/analog/.

Isn't there a good word for "byte" in Verdurian? Perhaps something like eight-ty (like uni-ty)? Or, a handful or a grasp? No, I'm not a fool, in South Afrika they use the word greep which means the same.

I would like Wedéi statistics very much, especially in the original script. However, Mark told me that he hasn't finished the script yet, though that was almost a year ago...

Daan Cheap

Mark responds:

I'll get back to you on 'byte'. Wede:i script is a long-term proposition. Remember that Almea has been more than a 20-year project, and I have a day job! But of course I appreciate the interest very much.

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