Statistics in Verdurian/Viminian

Posted by Philip Newton on 9:47 6/4/02

In reply to: Ai muze rozhy! posted by Daan Goedkoop on 4:17 6/2/02

You're right, the default statistics page is in Viminian and Latin-2 for now (though this may change[1]). If you want to select a language and encoding explicitly, go to one of the following:

Sorry for the surprising change :)


[1] I had originally intended for the default statistics page to remain Viminian for a couple of weeks for the novelty effect, and then revert back to Verdurian... but then I thought it was kind of cool to have it in Viminian, so I kept it that way (since Verdurian can still be selected explicitly). In the future, it might become something even different... perhaps Wede:i (in the original script), or Dhekhnami :)

Mark responds:

Remember that the incorrect use of Dhekhnami in a sorcerous context, such as on a computer, can be dangerous!

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