VV makeover

Posted by Jonathana Tegire on 15:44 5/20/02

In reply to: VV makeover posted by Julao XXXIV Kanari on 18:43 5/17/02

Airanasin, Sunena!

I saw the new site design, loved it, and suddenly became inspired to redesign Tegireserana Online. New background, new title banner, new index layout. Scrolling through my rantings was boring, wasn't it. Just wanted to get that out. Thanks for redesigning Virtual Verduria, Mark, it looks way ::searches for Earth phrase:: "cooler." Eventually I plan to follow Mark's lead and make pages for all my other languages (wow that's gonna be a load of work), since they all come from the same source (all same species, but that's a long story). Hope to see many "way kool" things in the future.

Hemonea hiniranafir hanarate!
-Jonathana Tegire

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