VV makeover

Posted by Julao XXXIV Kanari on 18:43 5/17/02

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My goodness.

I am a great fan of the Metaverse. I was cruisin' Virtural Verduria when I suddenly refreshed my browser and, lo, the entire page was changed! I was so taken by surprise that I again and again refreshed my browser, hoping to see that familiar street scene again. But no, you had updated it. Frankly, at first I was quite alarmed by the Elcar peering up at me next to the Civ 2 Flaid. However, I have grown used to the change. But I must ask: what was the reason you decided to do this major update? Or is it my imagination and my browser is playing tricks on me...

--Emperor Julao XXXIV Kanari (Blessed by Ramah)
(Formerly Julius Berman of the U.S., whose Kanaran is not yet on the internet)

Mark responds:

Heh, sorry to disconcert you.

Partly I wanted to make the page more compact... judging from my stats pages, many people never scroll down when visiting a page! I also wanted it to be more visual and more striking... the little crowns just weren't exciting enough. The redesign also highlights the languages more, since these seem to be the most popular bits-- also the story, which is the least popular. :)

In case the "Stories" section strikes people as promising more stuff... I'll probably put the Count of Years there. It's progressing again, now that I have an outline for it.

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