VV makeover

Posted by Tuomo Sipola on 5:14 5/18/02

In reply to: VV makeover posted by Julao XXXIV Kanari on 18:43 5/17/02

Emai (At least I know one word in Verdurian (How would this be in Cadhinor?))

Whoah! I was checking the new VV and was amazed. What's this? It has a Verdurian flag but it does not look like VV. But there reads that it is VV. Maybe it is VV. It must be VV.

Not bad changes though the guys looking at me are frightening. Nor the new article about language learning is bad.

And then to the good news. I have devised a proto-language and succesfully made four descendants. Thank you, Mark, for the sound change applier. So the proto-3aoten has produced Geid, Géden, Shosen and a few other daughter languages. I think that I'll base the proto-grammar to the Fenno-Ugric family (I have borrowed an excellent book about the subject).

-Tuomo Sipola

Mark responds:

Congratulations on the languages... I'm glad the Applier was useful!

Emai comes from Cadhinor, but it's not a Cadhinor greeting. It comes from EMAIT 'greetings', plural of EMAOS, which came from expressions like LOND LEN EMAO 'I give you honor' (literally, 'I speak honor to you'). Other Cadhinor greetings include MELI DENN 'good day', and UT ADHIT ESTONT CUM LEN, 'may the gods be with you'.

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