Ai muze rozhy!

Posted by Philip Newton on 1:38 5/18/02

In reply to: Ai tana rozhy! posted by Philip Newton on 17:19 4/12/02

OK, I suppose I was even more bored, so I had a go at re-writing the web server statistics in Viminian. (And now I'm trying for message #400 ;)

It's probably a really bad attempt, since I only changed the phonology and a small part of the grammar (and made no attempt to account for differences in vocabulary or idiom). Still, you might be interested ;). Stats for my server are available in Latin-1 and in Latin-2 (Latin-2 is recommended if you browser can display it). The language files are also available for download from, in case you want Viminian (or Verdurian) in your own web server statistics.

Basically, I made the following changes to the Verdurian:

These sound changes are from the reference on Verdurian dialects.

At first, I had changed all the ls to ws, which caused funny effects because I had left some of the HTTP status codes untranslated -- "Service temporariwy unavaiwabwe" sounded rather Elmer Fudd to me :)


Filipo Petrei Lebdaney

Mark responds:

Tana e lyu rozhy. :) And you have the coveted #400 post. You missed one recorded Viminianism, though: soa is pronounced swa.

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