Ai tana rozhy!

Posted by Philip Newton on 17:19 4/12/02

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Well, I suppose I must have been really bored, or someone put some crack in my crackers...

At any rate, at some point I got the idea "wouldn't it be fun to have web server statistics for my Verdurian pages in Verdurian?". And since analog is so configurable, it was "only" a matter of translating a couple of configuration files... and bingo! statistics in Verdurian!.

(Those stats use iso-8859-2 aka Latin-2 as the display charset. If your computer doesn't cope well with that, try using iso-8859-1, which should be supported more widely. That'll also be the familiar encoding used on most of

The stats pages also contain a link to a page giving an explanation of how I did it, and also have the translated language files available for download if you want to do it yourself for your own web pages.

I made up a fair number of words and extended the meaning of others, in order to convey meanings not in the available Verdurian lexicon. If I have some more free time, I intend to put up a glossary with the words that I used in the language configuration files, in case you're interested. Comments on the translation are, of course, also welcome (send them to

Philip, so rozhy sfahec soe Sfahei.

Mark responds:

Amazing! I'll look over the lexicon in more detail; maybe some things should be in the secret dictionary...

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