Cadhinorian paganism, icëlani

Posted by Glenn Kempf on 1:45 5/10/02

In reply to: Cadhinorian paganism, icëlani posted by Glenn Kempf on 19:05 5/9/02

Emai! Thanks for the info and the language tips; I had looked at mizec pyrera, but I wasn't sure how to use it, or whether it would be appropriate. As for the adjectives, I initially got the gender wrong for adhnáe and failed to go back and correct it, while I somehow failed to treat otre as an adjective at all. (You're right; Russian has the same features, and the same pitfalls.)

With regard to your Alemeological answers (I really like that word), the explanation of the Cadhinorian patriachates makes sense, and emphasizes the organization and coherence of the official paganism (as opposed to many polytheistic systems), although I'm aware that there is plenty of local and philosophical variety. The question of the icëlani remains interesting (I am also interested in the other lesser-known nonhumans, such as the elcari and múrtani, and the gdeoni if they existed); they're definitely hard to picture. Some interesting passages on pre-human hominids (although not necessarily relevant to this particular question) can be found in the later part of Bruce Chatwin's book The Songlines. Anybody else have any ideas?

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