Posted by Jim Slams on 8:22 4/2/02

In reply to: Cadhinor posted by Philip Newton on 10:48 4/2/02

Dëkuy, Philip. The campaign I plan on running will probably go through Barakhinei lands, and have it's share of Cadhinorian writings, too. Also, Mark, I'll try to take your advice and not use too much of any other languages (the Verdurian names is on a list of things I would like to add, though). Oh, yeah! How likely are the Barakhinei to get angry enough to attack another country, and which one would it be? Ad onlelán!

Mark responds:

Most likely Mútkün, a traditional enemy (especially since it used to be part of Barakhún). They also like to fight the western nomads. (Or almost anyone, really; but Verduria is a little to strong to pick on.)

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