Posted by epdiii on 21:35 3/21/02

In reply to: Alphabets posted by Robin Rönnlund on 18:01 3/21/02

Speaking of alphabets, are you ever going to elaborate on the Jippirasti Alphabet? When I first saw it "Arabic" immediately popped into my mind. It must be modeled, or at least inspired by the Arab alphabet, right? It looks very efficient. More interesting (and very mysterious) is the EteodŠole alphabet (how do they write underwater?). Have you thought of anything for a base for the ilii language (if they even need one, by now)?

Mark responds:

The Jippirasti alphabet is entirely worked out, but I don't really have time right now to put it into web form... also, it'd be nice to have a Tzhuro language to go with it!

The way it works, by the way, is much more influenced by Devanagari. I was most influenced by Arabic when I was working on the Verdurian cursive.

Eteodäole percolates in my brain every once in awhile, but I'm still not ready to do justice to it. I don't want it to be like Klingon (or Kebreni), merely unusual to English speakers; I want it to be completely unearthly.

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