Posted by Robin Rönnlund on 18:01 3/21/02

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I don't know if I could read about this somewhere on the page but:

The style of an alphabet should depend on what material it is written on. Look at the runic futhark; all lines are straight and there are none or few horizontal lines. It is obvious that it is meant to be carved on wood.

So; an alphabet that is from the beginning painted on a wall should be full of twisted lines and dots and stuff, but an alphabet that is written on clay tablets would be designed after the shape of the tools used to write with...

Does the verdurian alphabet follow this principe?

Robin Rönnlund
Count of Sübz-Dargüssia (near Stockholm, Sweden)

Mark responds:

Yes, though only in a banal way: it's designed to be written on paper using a calligraphic pen.

The Barakhinei alphabet is more interesting in this regard, since it passed through a stage when it was not written on paper, but carved into wood or stone.

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