Almean Dragons?

Posted by Christopher O'Regan on 17:28 2/27/02

In reply to: Almean dragons? posted by epdiii on 16:29 2/26/02

Yes, I imagine that the illi would have domesticated a variety of sea-creatures - given the extremely long history of the ilii, they have no doubt tailored them to many different uses - maybe even amphibious creatures like themselves which could be used whenever they go on dry land (they would require beasts of burden, i assume.) Given that they may even have indulged in genetic engineering in times long past, who knows what incredible beasts lurk in the unexplored regions . . .

It would be great to see some exotic Almean flora and fauna: as the Erelaeans explore they will no doubt encounter many suprises: cf. the platypus, certainly a bizzare creature in European eyes!

While I'm on Erelaean exploration (i watched 1492: Conquest of Paradise the other day - perhaps not a fantastic film, but the landing and "first contact" scenes were very good) are there any particular legendary figures among Almean exploration, à la Columbus & Magellan? No doubt under the patronage of nautical-minded Verdurian monarchs, there would be periodic waves of exploration, piracy, etc.


Rhisto Filipei

Mark responds:

Hmm, all I remember offhand is Ésecom the Oarsman (there's a scrap of poetry about him in the Verdurian Poetics monograph); but he was legendary. But there should certainly be some heroes in Almean exploration-- the first Verdurian to reach Uytai or Téllinor, for instance. (No, his name wasn't Téll...)

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