Almean dragons?

Posted by epdiii on 16:29 2/26/02

In reply to: Almean dragons? posted by Joey on 00:28 2/25/02

Now that we've discussed the mythical beasts of Almea, we can move on to the (possibly) real beasts.

Are there any "giant" animals in Almea? There probably isn't any in Eastern Ereláe since that place is so populated - but I am sure there must me some in the Rau Jungle or Téllinor. And what about prehistoric animals, are there any creatures now-extinct on Almea that are comparable to the Dinosaurs, here on Earth?

Anyway, moving on ... Come to think of it, I don't think you've told us anything about Lebiscuri and Curym. Are you going to release any kind of info about the people of these continents or are they to remain forever in the background? I noticed, on your map of the non-humans of Almea, there is a really dense population of Ilii in that big gulf in the North of Lebiscuri. Is this an Ilii Empire of some kind? Or perhaps the area has some kind of religious significance to them? Why are so many of them in that one gulf?

Mark responds:

All very good questions that I mostly don't have answers to! I'll think about what monstrosities might exist on Almea... might as well have a few! As for Lebiscuri and Curym, I doubt I'll work on them any time soon; the cultures of Arcél need to be developed first.

The ilii in the Bohai Sea are not mysterious, though: there's a lot of them there because it's an optimal environment for them. They can't settle in the deep sea, only on the continental shelf. And the Bohai Sea is entirely continental shelf. (This isn't to say that it doesn't also have cultural or religious significance... that is one of the largest concentrations of ilii, and thus one of the most important.)

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