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This is not a complete dictionary of Verdurian (you'll have to ftp that, or consult the Thematic Dictionary); it's a listing of all the words from the Practical Course in Verdurian.


aa uh, er
ab using, with
ac but
acirec listen (to someone)
acrho except
ad onlelán goodbye, till later
advechel answer
agoläm important
ai (I) am
ak against
akzhanen bump against, run into
alcalë treasure
aluatas grammar
am (we) are
ambrir like, have a taste for
ametan bring
an one
anizhe cool, fresh
ansel key
apeluan call, summon
appakan approach
apros then, next
ar yes
araste careful, painstaking
ashir think
ásuir sit down
attróuen reach, attain
atüchy villain, rascal
atun room
ava grandmother
avo grandfather
azipa fat (m.)
azh away from
azh X po Y Y (distance) from X
azhfäsir go away
azhprenan remove
badhir hit
baradhu brother
bechka barrel
bedorcan stumble, trip
behdel picture
belgo war
belgom warrior
beluán beautiful
beluana beauty
beom baron
beran lock
besya girlfriend
besyun boyfriend
bogaty rich
bombril enormous
bome old
bostene lucky
bozhe fine, OK
brak arm
breve short
buona cool, neat
ca they
Caloton god of the sun
cam them
cardhë sword
ce- that
cechel there
chel place
celftenan arrange, agree
celzer sandwich
ci-vëcherán tonight
ciberden decide
cilu police, policeman
cima hill
cira wife
clasmir swing (a weapon)
co along
cogia adultery
colir receive, take
colnáe common room
com like (preposition)
cont earl, count
creche pleasant
cuero host
cuesan ask
culanul little cake, pastry
culë class (in school)
cum with
cumprenan understand
cumyonom companion
cunësan trust
cunire boring
cuon dog
cüzir close
cha! well!
chascurec hope
chem card
chena meal
chetve fourth
chivi pain
chümka stink
chümsen stink
chunima emblem of a noble family
chura pear
dafro piece of furniture
dalu king
dan give (de = gives)
de from
debutan begin
debután first
dec ten
dëkuy Thank you
dënshadu one day's ride
dénuo always, habitually
desider order
devir must, have to, owe
ditavan like, prefer
dobrásh wonderful, great
dobre good
dobrezhanul Welcome!
dom house
dormir sleep
druk friend
drukát friendship
dubi doubt
dy that (complementizer)
dhaye right, correct
dhëfku monster
dhelec different
dher door
dhin three
dhumëbenda statue
dhun two
e (he, she) is
ei (you) are
el middle
Eledh one of God's three aspects
Eledhát the religion of Eledh
elirec live
eluá here is, there is, behold
eludëno today
emai hello
emayec greet
emec buy
Enäron chief of pagan gods
eo (you all) are
epan can, be able to
er and
erh you (s. acc.)
esan be
escatelë tapestry
esce question-forming particle
eshshane perhaps
esta summer (m.)
este great
et me
eto this one
eu (they) are
eyure lovely
fasil easy
fäsir leave
fäsul other, remaining
felom sailor
foruneo balcony
frälina maiden, young woman
fsë all, everything
fsëgdá always
ftore second
fuáy time, a repetition
fue was
fueu were
gashul ruined
grazhenka Mrs., ma'am
grazhenom mister, sir
hep seven
hepdën week
hicetan count
hipán downstairs
hipcont viscount
host bone
hüan sigh
hutor farm
hutorom farmer
ila she
ilan to her
ilat her
ilet him
ilu he
ilun to him
im in
imanizhen cool down, make cool
imbogatir enrich
imetan insert
imleben renew, invigorate
imlelen publish (make to see)
indhayec correct, make right
inyát kindness
inye kind
ir above, over
irlelen overlook, oversee
iskrichen exclaim, cry out
ishan seek, look for
ishária paradise
Ishira goddess of light
ishshelec lose
isu enough; slang rather
itësir worry
ízhece formerly, before
kaë who (plural of ke)
ke who (singular)
kedimo how much
kekan kill
kiam when
kiel howKiel läde? How are you?
kio what (accusative kiom)
klok knock
koup fruit
ktë where
kuna money
kunnáe bank
kunnaom banker
kunondise expensive
kuzulo remote cousin, relative
kyole dress
lachan should
lädan go
lase tired
le you (singular)
legua soup
lelen see
lenge long (in time)
lerezhe happy
leta arzhentei silver coin
levati kiss
levatir kiss
leve lip
lezhiren wait for
licre poor (not rich)
lirom poet
lirosh poem
loen rent, hire
log word (pl. lozhi)
lotka boat
lozhi words
lübec love
lübor love
lukan bend, bow
luom apple
lyö very
malbostene unlucky, unfortunate
malsfaom barbarian
marian marry
maris husband
marisa marriage
mazhtana city
meca daughter (pl. mesî)
medh son
mersh market
metan put
metta table
mevan do, act
mey water
milka sausage
mira mother
mis says (see mizec)
misoten joke
misuril silent
mizec say
molezen nail, hammer in
mör custom, way
mu you (plural nom.)
you (plural acc.)
mudray wise
mudhe more, most
ne at (a place)
néronden Néronden (market day)
nev nine
nikagdá never
nish nothing
nkashan fear
nochy night
nom name
noscado bride-price
nrüsk fool
num direction, way
nun now
núnece (just) now, about to
nuva bed
nuvnáe bedroom
on again
ondan give back, return
onteca exercise, demonstration
onten repeat (an exercise)
onzhanen return, come back
orer pray
orh gold
otál also, such, so
oticunëse trustworthy
otre another
ozë thus
pan five
par four
paretir seem
pav small, little
pazh fish
pelec street cleaner
pere first
perëce wholly
pëse sad
piflec flirt
pilachir blink
pirei patronymic (father's name)
piro father
pitir drink
piyula moment
platir pay
plene full
pluyir rain
polne naked
prade honest
prander have dinner
pratecole talkative
praten talk, chat
prenan take
primetan offer
pro in order to
probesom follower
prokena because
prokio why
prosia street
prosizel expedition
prosuvan chase
prusi bar, inn
pruso innkeeper
pyerir regret, be sorry
pyeru I'm sorry
racont story
rëcen meet
redelcë woman
ret far
ridir laugh
rihan look, look at
risdosh manure
rizir smile
rozhát craziness, madness
rozhy crazy
rukavo sleeve
ruzhe red
rhark spit
rhedec believe
rhezhzhina servant girl
rho no, not
rhóece hardly, not at all
rhofasil difficult
rhük castle
sädra sister
salë dirty
sam without
sampire orphan, without parents
samzhenate orphan, without a family
sanno lord
santélece only, just, merely
se I
sefo boy
sfahe speech
soa Sfahe Verdurian
sfahen speak
sicha progressive marker
siloran need
sitre sudden
skukair be bored
smeric college student
snugá servant
so the
sues six
sul alone
suléom young man
sulete young
surcont marquis
suroshan cover
susluoma potato
suzanen remember
shadan ride
shadosh carriage
shalea air
sherë beer
shoh duke
shön pretty, handsome
shoru darkness
shrifec know
shrifta knowledge
shriftanáe university
shual horse
shualnáe stable
ta we
taina secret
tal such
tam us
tana indeed
taye brave
tecai dagger
teker stand
tele another
telne fine, noble
tenec have
ti- some
tihy quiet
tilka chick, girl
tombir fall
toranda fountain
tro too (much)
tróuen find
tu impersonal pronoun; formal 'you'
tuyec smoke
tuyoshari pipeweed
tvere third
u near, by
ublian forget
uestu man
ufëa face
urave please
urë therefore, thus
urek lesson
uverë clothes
uvir open
vagir wander
valer be worth
väreca danger
vazhir hurt
vechir disgust
velen steal
velul stolen
verae small glass of wine
Verdúria Verduria
verdúry Verdurian
veturan travel
veturea voyage
vezhaen run
vilka fork
vin wine
vlay uncle
Vlerë goddess of love
voitec enter
voyir send
vremya then, at that time
vulir want
vulmizec mean
ya perfective marker
yanir admire
yon bread
zaftra tomorrow
zdesy here
zëi sea, ocean
zet echitan wake up, get up
zet imuveren get dressed
zet lavan wash
zet nomen be called, call oneself
zet reflexive pronoun
zevu (slang) man, dude
zhanen come
zhanme the future
zhe comes (see zhanen)
zhenát family
zhensate popular
zhoc eight
zhöh mead
zhusir sell


able to epan
about to núnece
above ir
act do things mevan
admire yanir
adultery cogia
again on
against ak
agree celftenan
air shalea
all fsë
alone sul
along co
already ya
also otál
always fsëgdá; habitually dénuo
and er
another otre, tele
answer n advechel
apple luom
approach appakan
arm brak
arms (heraldic) chunima
arrange celftenan
ask cuesan
at a place ne
attain attróuen
await lezhiren
away azh
balcony foruneo
bank kunnáe
banker kunnaom
bar prusi
barbarian malsfaom
baron beom
barrel bechka
be esan
beautiful beluán
beauty beluana
because prokena
bed nuva
bedroom nuvnáe
beer sherë
before prep. izh; formerly ízhece
begin debutan
behold eluá
believe rhedec
bend lukan
blink pilachir
boat lotka
bone host
bore be bored skukair
boring cunire
bow bow down zet lukan
boy sefo
boyfriend besyun
brave taye
bread yon
bride-price noscado
bring ametan
brother baradhu
but ac
buy emec
by close to u
cake (little) culanul
call apeluan
call oneself zet nomen
can epan
card chem
careful araste
carriage shadosh
castle rhük
chase prosuvan
chat praten
chick girl tilka
city mazhtana
class (school) culë
close cüzir
clothes uverë
come zhanen
come back onzhanen
common room colnáe
companion cumyonom
continually dénuo
cool a anizhe; v imanizhen; neat buona
correct a dhaye; v indhayec
count title cont; enumerate hicetan
cover suroshan
crazy rozhy
cry out iskrichen
custom mör
dagger tecai
danger väreca
darkness shoru
daughter meca
decide ciberden
demonstration onteca
different dhelec
difficult rhofasil
dine prander
direction num
dirty salë
disgust vechir
do act mevan
dog cuon
door dher
doubt dubi
downstairs hipán
dress n kyole; get dressed zet imuveren
drink pitir
duke shoh
earl cont
easy fasil
eight zhoc
emblem chunima
enormous bombril
enrich imbogatir
enter voitec
everything fsë
except acrho
exclaim iskrichen
exercise academic onteca
expedition prosizel
expensive kunondise
face ufëa
fall fall down tombir
family zhenát
far ret
farm hutor
farmer hutorom
fat n.m. azipa
father piro
fear nkashan
find tróuen
fine telne
It's going ok bozhe
first a pere; adv debután
fish pazh
five pan
flirt piflec
follower probesom
fool nrüsk
forget ublian
fork vilka
formerly ízhece
fountain toranda
four par
fourth chetve
fresh anizhe
friend druk
from de
fruit koup
full plene
furniture piece of dafro
future n zhanme
get get up zet echitan
girl zhina; slang tilka
girlfriend besya
give dan
glass for wine verae
go lädan
go away azhfäsir
gold orh
good dobre
goodbye ad onlelán
grammar aluatas
grandfather avo
grandmother ava
great este; slang dobrásh
greet emayec
habitually dénuo
hammer in molezen
handsome shön
happy lerezhe
have tenec
have to devir
he ilu
hello emai
here zdesy
here is eluá
hill cima
hire loen
hit badhir
honest prade
hope chascurec
horse shual
host cuero
house dom
how kiel
how are you? Kiel läde?
how much kedimo
hurt vazhir
husband maris
I se
important agoläm
in im
in order to pro
indeed tana
inn prusi
innkeeper pruso
insert imetan
joke misoten
just only santélecee.g. I just did núnece
key ansel
kill kekan
kind inye
kindness inyát
king dalu
kiss n levati; v levatir
knock klok
know shrifec
knowledge shrifta
laugh ridir
leave fäsir
lesson urek
like prefer ditavan; prep com
lip leve
listen listen to acirec
little pav
live elirec
lock v beran; n ber
long in time lenge
look look at rihan
look for ishan
lord sanno
lose ishshelec
love v lübec; n lübor
goddess of Vlerë
lovely eyure
lucky bostene
madness rozhát
maiden frälina
man uestu; (slang) zevu
manure risdosh
market mersh
market day néronden
marquis surcont
marriage marisa
marry marian
mead zhöh
meal chena
mean signify vulmizec
meet rëcen
merely santélece
middle el
mister grazhenom
moment piyula
money kuna
monster dhëfku
more mudhe
most so mudhe
mother mira
Mrs. grazhenka
must devir
nail molezen
naked polne
name nom
near in reach u; close to pak
need siloran
never nikagdá
next apros
night nochy
nine nev
no rho
noble telne
not rho
not at all rhóece
nothing nish
now nun
just now núnece
ocean zëi
offer primetan
old bome
one an
only santélece
open uvir
order desider
orphan no parents sampire; no family samzhenate
other fäsul
over ir
oversee irlelen
owe devir
pain chivi
painstaking araste
paradise ishária
pastry culanul
patronymic pirei
pay platir
pear chura
perhaps eshshane
picture behdel
pipeweed tuyoshari
place chel
pleasant creche
please urave
poem lirosh
poet lirom
policeman cilu
poor not rich licre
popular zhensate
potato susluoma
pray orer
prefer ditavan
pretty shön
publish imlelen
put metan
quiet tihy
rain pluyer
rascal atüchy
reach attróuen
receive colir
red ruzhe
regret pyerir
relative remote kuzulo
remaining fäsul
remember suzanen
remove azhprenan
renew imleben
rent loen
repeat an exercise onten
return come back onzhanen; give back ondan
rich bogaty
ride shadan; a day's ride dënshadu
right correct dhaye
room atun
ruined gashul
run vezhaen
run into akzhanen
sad pëse
sailor felom
sandwich celzer
sausage milka
say mizec
sea zëi
second ftore
secret taina
see lelen
seek ishan
seem paretir
sell zhusir
send voyir
servant snugá servant girl rhezhzhina
seven hep
she ila
short breve
should lachan
sigh hüan
silent misuril
silver arzhentcoin leta arzhentei
sir grazhenom
sister sädra
sit ásuir
six sues
sleep dormir
sleeve rukavo
small pav
smile rizir
smoke tuyec
so otál
some ti-; or use partitive
son medh
sorry be sorry pyerir
I'm sorry Pyeru
soup legua
speak sfahen
speech sfahe
spit n rhark, v rharkir
stable shualnáe
stand teker
statue dhumëbenda
steal velen
stink n chümka; v chümsen
stolen velul
story racont
street prosia
student college smeric
stumble bedorcan
such otál, tal
sudden sitre
summer esta (m.)
summon apeluan
sun god Caloton
swing (a weapon) clasmir
sword cardhë
table metta
take pick up prenan; receive colir
talk chat praten
talkative pratecole
tapestry escatelë
taste have a taste for ambrir
ten dec
thank you dëkuy
that (conj) dy; adj. pron. ce-; that one tot
the m. so, f. soa
then that time vremya
afterward apros
there cechel
therefore urë
they ca
think ashir
third tvere
this adj. pron. ci-; this one eto
three dhin
thus in that way ozë; therefore urë
time instance fuáy
three times dhinin fuáuin
last time durnén fuaín
tired lase
today eludëno
tomorrow zaftra
tonight ci-vëcherán
too tro
travel veturan
treasure alcalë
trip bedorcan
trust cunësan
trustworthy oticunëse
two dhun
uh aa
uncle vlay
understand cumprenan
unfortunate malbostene
university shriftanáe
unlucky malbostene
using ab
Verduria Verdúria
Verdurian a, n verdúry
language soa Sfahe
very lyö
villain atüchy
viscount hipcont
voyage veturea
wait wait for lezhiren
wake up zet echitan
wander vagir
want vulir
war belgo
warrior belgom
wash lavan
water mey
way custom mör; direction num
we ta
week hepdën
welcome dobrezhanul
well! cha!
what kio
when kiam
where ktë
who s. ke, pl. kaë
wholly perëce
why prokio
wife cira
wine vin
wise mudray
with accompanied by cum; using ab
without sam
woman redelcëyoung frälina
wonderful dobrásh
word log
worry itësir
worth be worth valer
yes ar
you sing. le; plural mu; formal tu
young sulete
young man suléom

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