Re: Other Continents?

Posted by Gustavo Pereira on 13:39 6/30/01

In reply to: Other continents? posted by Gustavo Pereira on 14:58 6/27/01

I'm very happy that you know Brazil and can write Portuguese! It's hard to find someone who can understand that "so-full-of-exceptions" language...! I'm from the South-East, on the city of Santos, state of São Paulo.

Well, I'd like to know what are you future plans about grammars or cultures in Virtual Verduria. By the way, Sarroc is the only major Cadhinor language for which you haven't published a grammar yet. We know nothing about its speakers. They are dominated by the Dheknami, aren't they?

Mark responds:

Well, for languages, I have unfinished grammars for Obenzayet and Teôsi I should finish sometime... it also bugs me that the Lenani languages don't have proper grammars, but that's a project for the future.

What I'm working on now... today, in fact... is getting the Historical Atlas ready for the Web. At the moment I'm wrestling with the base map... a lot of tedious bit-level graphics, but the more I do there, the easier the individual maps will be. Once it's up, you'll be able to follow the entire history of the Ereláe continent.

As for Sarroc... yes, they deserve a grammar, but life hasn't been fair for Sarnáe for some time... The Dhekhnami had been nibbling at Sarnáe for years, but definitively invaded in 2822, while the Sarnáeans were indulging themselves in a civil war. The Dhekhnami occupied most of the north on the pretext of helping the southern side in the war. (They only occupied the south in 3280, two centuries ago.)

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