Other continents?

Posted by Gustavo Pereira on 14:58 6/27/01

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I love constructed worlds, and I'm quite addicted to Almea, I think it's fantastic. I'm engaged in learning Verdurian now, and in creating my own world. I hope I can.

I'd like to see some information about the other continents on Virtual Verduria, such as that of Uytai, for example. It's not necessary lots of pages, but some superficial information would be great. Why there is too little information about the other continents? Didn't you say Verdurian ships have already crossed the Zone of Fire and reached Uytai?

I've got a conlang, the Mattulese, that is quite Roman. I'm trying to create Lispog and Wiskaykom, what would be my first conlangs in a "constructed" world. I'm from Brazil, and I love linguistics and history, maps, and so on.

Mark responds:

Bom dia, Gustavo! Eu gosto muito do Brasil; o meu cunhado vive ali, no Noroeste. Boa sorte com suas lenguas.

As for the other continents... I'd be interested to know more about them too. :) Patience! It takes time to create a satisfying history, but I hope to get to Uytai and Belesao (and other places) soon.

By the way, I encourage people to try out their Verdurian here, even if it's a sentence or two. As with any language, it helps to see other folks using it!

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