Verdurian = Spanish?

Posted by Daan Goedkoop on 9:44 1/4/02

In reply to: Verdurian = Spanish? posted by Gustavo Pereira on 23:32 1/3/02

Indeed, it is obivious that those Verdurian words look much like Spanish or Portugese... A Russian example is UREK, from Russian UROK (cyr. YPOK) which is pronounced exactly the same.

Perhaps it might be that Mark had seen some kind of Spanish or Portugese, and modified the French words to more Spanish-like words, as you can say that Spanish is a more "pure" version of French... Also, the ommitting of the personal pronouns in simple sentences is something Latin had ans Spanish still has, but that French, English and Russian don't have.

Btw. Wedei/Mei = Finno-Urgic languages? (looking at the grammar and location on the map)

Mark responds:

Oh, there's been stealing from all over. Most of the words in Wede:i are inventions, but you can find some Chinese, Japanese, and Quechua words. I should really work on Fei more; it has some nice town names: Atta-sama-fei, Tori-umfe-ha, Sidi-mairsi, Fei-urcuta-ta, A-rumu-lafa, Ke-simi-te-hana...

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