Verdurian = Spanish?

Posted by Gustavo Pereira on 23:32 1/3/02

In reply to: Verdurian = Spanish? posted by Philip Newton on 12:35 12/31/01

Well, I can say that Verdurian has lots of 'stolen' Portuguese words in it, such as:

Verd. AVO / AVA 'grandfather/grandmother' ==> same meaning in Port. AV / AV
Verd. E (ESAN verb) 'is' ==> same meaning in Port.
Verd. ELREI 'queen' ==> Port. EL-REI 'the king (of Portugal)'
Verd. SECLOR 'century' ==> same meaning in Port. SCULO
Verd. BREVE 'short' ==> same meaning (talking about time) in Port. BREVE
Verd. ALTE 'high' ==> same meaning Port. ALTO
Verd. MACRE 'thin' ==> same meaning Port. MAGRO
Verd. ANELO 'ring' ==> same meaning Port. ANEL
Verd. BASTN 'stick' ==> same meaning Port. BASTO
Verd. METAN 'to put' ==> Port. METER 'to put into'
Verd. DAN 'to give' ==> same meaning Port. DAR
Verd. SYEL 'sky' ==> same meaning Port. CU
Verd. CUON 'dog' ==> same meaning Port. CO
Verd. URS 'bear' ==> same meaning Port. URSO

And the most important 'stolen' words:

Verd. VERDRIA 'deep green plain' ==> Port. VERDURA 'vegetable'
Verd. VERDE 'green' ==> same meaning Port. VERDE

Of course there are much more, but it'd be impossible to list them all here.


Gustavo Pereira

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