Eliot im soan Sfahen

Posted by John Minot on 9:24 12/21/01

In reply to: Eliot im soan Sfahen posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 00:49 11/28/01

Sure, I don't mind it put up. I looked through the Regional Dialects listing to find an accent I could overlay, and decided on Vimin. So "Grazhenom Curts -- ilu shushchne" became "Grazh_d_enom Curts -- i_w_u shushchne." Did I correctly apply the ct->zhd rule? That is, is Verdurian "grazhenom" descended from something in Cadhinor?

Mark responds:

Indirectly, yes; but it's not from a CT, I'm afraid-- the word comes from gran + zhen + -om; where zhen derives from GENOS. But I could see Viminians thowing in the d anyway.

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