Last Cadhinorian emperor?

Posted by Hans-Werner Hatting on 10:20 11/29/01

In reply to: Last Cadhinorian emperor? posted by Jay Shorten on 11:44 11/28/01

Emai Mark,

in another answer to a message titled "Zhésifo" posted by Jay Shorten on 22:34 10/9/01, you write:

>Dalu, which was 'prince' in Cadhinor, serves as 'king' elsewhere in
>the Plain. The people of Zhésifo prefer to use a direct reflex of Cadhinor
Does this usage imply any pretensions of the Zhésifonian Kings to overlordship over the other kings of the plain? And if yes, what is the reaction of the neighbouring country to this? Is there a feeling that the rulers of Zhésifo are allowed a little vaingloriousness, as long as they don't actually try to realize their claims, or is this seen as a threat?

Ad onlelán,

Mark responds:

For the most part it's considered a harmless bit of vanity. But a few of the small, less established states south and east of Zhésifo-- Guaya, Bazhra, Solhai-- do worry about revanchism. Zhésifo no longer expects to rule all of Eretald, but it would like to rule the middle Svetla.

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