Last Cadhinorian emperor?

Posted by Jay Shorten on 11:44 11/28/01

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OK, it seems that Ertala and his father were just jumped-up barons over-promoting themselves. Who, then, was the last legitimate unquestioned Cadhinorian emperor, and what happened to him?

Jay Shorten

Mark responds:

Melisuertos III (Melisör, of the Dascoro dynasty) was still a teenager when his father Medrorikh III (Medric), a relatively strong ruler, died. He had no rapport with the small standing army, and no idea how to raise troops. When the Curiyans invaded, he simply trusted that the situation would be taken care of. But the army was defeated, and simply melted away; Melisuertos was captured in his palace and slain. (Meugi was not a cruel man, just a prudent one. It's not wise to leave a claimant to the throne around.)

At this point the nobles were startled awake, so to speak, and there was some attempt to organize a resistance. The first nobles who managed to engage the usurper were massacred. This put the rest in a mood to listen to Meugi's reassurances; they found that, as a practical matter, they could live without having an emperor.

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