The name "Dhekhnam"

Posted by Jay Shorten on 14:24 11/22/01

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Does Dhekhnam have friendly relations with *anybody*, or does everyone consider it a pariah? I can see that it won't ever have friendly relations with Verduria or any country on the Cadhinorian Plain, but what about Xurno, which is safely separated by mountains, or Cheiy, or even Gurdago, which is about as far away from Dhekhnam as you can get and still be on the map?


Mark responds:

Actually there are two nations of the Plain that are under strong Dhekhnami influence: Mútkün and Azgami. They're what Americans would call "rogue states".

Kebri has normal diplomatic and trading relations with Dhekhnam, a fact which leads to a good deal of friction with Verduria (whose last major war, after all, was with the Kebreni). The Kebreni maintain that if Dhekhnam invaded the Plain, they would help the Verdurians; the Verdurians point out that the malign nature of Dhekhnam was long ago demonstrated by its conquest of Sarnáe.

Other nations do trade with Dhekhnam-- including Érenat, which might prefer not to, but is not in a position to resist. The Lenani states won't trade with the nation of 'Kulig', the enemy of Jippir. But the Tzhuro, Xurnese, and Littoral people (including the Gurdagor) will. Few of these nations would trust the Dhekhnami very far, of course, but they would maintain that no harm is done by trading, if you're careful.

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