The name "Dhekhnam"

Posted by Jay Shorten on 20:01 11/19/01

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When the ktuvoki offered the Tyellakhi their "protection" from Gelyet, why did the country become Dhekhnam? If I were a ktuvok and I were trying to tempt the Tyellakhi with the opportunity of becoming the leaders of a new empire, I would have called either appealed to ancient glories with "New Munkhash" or modern vanities with "Great Tyellakh". What is the significance of the name "Dhekhnam" that the Tyellakhi were willing to change the name of their county to it? Was Dhekhnam the name of the current Tyellakhi king or dynasty?

Jay Shorten

Mark responds:

'Dhekhnam' means "pure land"... a sure enough indication that someone is trying to snow someone; but it's not so clear who. As you'll see in today's update, the Demoshi were soon included in the mix, and usurped the Tyellakhi role as the top human partners of the ktuvoki. The name may well be aimed more at them than at the Tyellakhi, who were quite traditional in outlook, more interested in ktuvok protection than in edifying language.

Our records of this time are scant-- Tyellakh had no writing system-- and it is also possible that 'Dhekhnam' is a projection backwards of the name adopted when the state merged with Demoshimor.

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