The name "Dhekhnam"

Posted by Christopher O'Regan on 17:30 11/20/01

In reply to: The name "Dhekhnam" posted by Jay Shorten on 20:01 11/19/01

I love the name Dhekhnam. It has a real sneering menace to it. :-).

The Demoshi - where did they come from originally? Were they offshoots of the Carhinnoi? Were they under Munkhash?

It's a wonder that the ktuvoki were consistently able to put themselves into the role of being servants of Gelalh, and to supress cults depicting Gelalh as a more pro-uestu god. I suppose that's where those hypnotic powers would come in handy :-).

Mark responds:

The Demoshi are an Eynleyni people (thus related to the original humans domesticated by the ktuvoki, and related to the Tyellakhi). They were ruled by the Carhinnoi for some centuries, which seems to have imparted a more outer-directed, progressive mentality.

As for why they went back under the ktuvoki, perhaps it has something to do with being ruled for centuries by people who explained that it was for their own good, by the order of Jippir. The Demoshi thought that the power structures were the opposite of what they should be, and the ktuvoki, agreeably, confirmed this opinion.

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