Teach yourself Barakhinei

Posted by Philip Newton on 12:11 10/30/01

In reply to: Teach Yourself Barakhinei posted by Panu Petteri Höglund on 12:30 10/29/01

Mark wrote:
I certainly never expected that people would try to learn (say) Barakhinei... ay) Barakhinei...

Panu replied:
What's wrong with Barakhinei, then? :) You certainly seem to expect to some extent that people will try to learn Verdurian.

Mark replied:
There's nothing wrong with it-- in fact, linguistically, it has more interesting features and it's more consistent. I just figured it was more obscure.

And it also seems more daunting grammatically than Verdurian, at least to me -- especially its inflections, which seem to exhibit a fair amount of sound-shifting. (This is also a part of Ismaîn which looks difficult to master.)


Mark responds:

True... there are quite a few concessions to the learner in Verdurian, but I didn't worry about this in Barakhinei. (I think writing the samples was hardest in Barakhinei and Cadhinor. But hey, practice helps!)

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