Verdurian influence on the surrounding languages?

Posted by Panu Petteri Höglund on 19:46 10/11/01

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Is the Verdurian influence on the surrounding languages so strong, that we can always assume that Verdurian loan words can be used in the neighboring language (Ismain, Barahinei, Flaidish...) if the extant materials in that language don't include the word we need?

Mark responds:

I'm afraid not! The influence of Verdurian in the Plain is not like that of English today; it's more like that of French in the 18th century. Educated people and merchants may well know it; but peasants and workers would not.

I'll be glad to provide words on request... how well this goes will depend on demand. I certainly never expected that people would try to learn (say) Barakhinei...

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