Atlas: Rajjay

Posted by epdiii on 23:53 10/23/01

In reply to: Atlas: Rajjay posted by Jay Shorten on 18:20 10/23/01

On the 2155 map, you didn't label anything on the Island of Kebri - is this a mistake or intentional? In 1989 the island is split between two countries but I see no commentary on them. Did these two nations unite to form the modern nation of Kebri or did something else happen?

Mark responds:

The label is missing. Kebri had been united earlier; but it was taken over by the Cadhinorians. (In the wake of the great war, the imperial idea was strong, and the Kebreni made only token resistance.) The island drifted out of Cadhinorian rule during the 1900s (mostly due to a difference in orientation-- the Cadhinorians were still not much as seafarers). Laita was independent first, and stayed that way for quite some time when the rest of the island achieved its own independence. They were reunited in 2025 (peacefully, with the marriage of the two heirs).

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