Atlas: Rajjay

Posted by Jay Shorten on 18:20 10/23/01

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How did Rajjay move from the Ideis River to the upper Ran River in the course of 200 years?

Jay Shorten

Mark responds:

Carelessness. I had it that way in the paper atlas, but you're quite right, Rajjay is along the Ran. (If you're curious, 'Rajjay' is the Xurnash for (shuz) Ranjavi, '(province) of Ranji'; Ranji is a town near Shegonivei, and its name means 'Ran ford' in Wede:i.)

Anyway, I corrected the spurious Rajjay on map 1989 to Yaujinan. (Which, while I'm at it, is Wede:i for 'beetle god'.)

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