Learning Almean Languages

Posted by Philip Newton on 10:50 10/10/01

In reply to: Fléad posted by Aino Eamets on 00:13 10/9/01

Mark wrote:

Man, I'm going to have to create a really hard language some time. Maybe Eteodäole. :)

Heh. Just wait until people start boning up on ktuvoki so they can chat up the native chicks when they go touristing around Dhekhnam :)


Mark responds:

The management declaims all responsibility for loss of personal property, limbs, lives, souls, or sanity while touring Dhekhnam.

By the way, there's three board posts waiting at home... at the moment shell access from home is broken, which is incredibly annoying. I was thinking I could post them from here (at work), but of course the mail is now downloaded and only available at home. Arrgh.

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