Posted by Aino Eamets on 00:13 10/9/01

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Sîk ûzâ fichilê khip il aluatas (lok shpakh) fléad (renê shpakh) laodâ ezî pugahmê. Il dêsht buirêchizê rhu! Ked epeza fichilê pugech âti?

--- Intended English translation
I can't wait until the Fleád grammar will be complete. The first non-human language! When can we expect it?

Any corrections to the Barakhinei are welcome.

Mark responds:

Welcome to the board, Aino. (Aino wrote me the other day in excellent Barakhinei-- which I think is a difficult language. Man, I'm going to have to create a really hard language some time. Maybe Eteodäole. :)

Anyway... it'll be awhile till I get to Flaidish. My current project is to work out more details of the Verdurian dialects.

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