Munkhâshi Empire

Posted by Gustavo Pereira on 16:47 10/2/01

In reply to: Munkhâshi Empire posted by epdiii on 21:31 10/1/01

Mark, what's the capital of Dhekhnam, and how are its cities like? Is it feudal in the continental lands, like Tyellakh, and urban in the coastal lands, like Demóshimor? The ktuvoki still live only in the marshes, or they are city-dwellers too in modern days?

Gustavo Pereira

Mark responds:

The capital is Ornâkh, in Demóshimor. The most urbanized section of Dhekhnam is Sarnáe, since it was conquered relatively recently; after that, Demóshimor, the dominant human culture. But overall it's the least urban of any Ereláean civilization. The ktuvoki don't really like or understand cities; they use them only for garrisons, administration, and a smattering of industry. They themselves still live in their marshy palaces.

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