Munkhâshi Empire

Posted by epdiii on 21:31 10/1/01

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Wow. I had no idea the Ktuvoki were worshipped. That's just crazy! Are they looked at as good gods or evil gods? Where do the humans go to worship them? I can only imagine what their view of the afterlife must be...

Will you begin working on the language of Dhekhnam soon? It sounds very "Klingonish" in the sentence you gave us: Kthith Engel įlh.

I hope it isn't extremely similar to Klingon. It's that letter "Q" that bothers me. :)

Can you give us more info on the language of the people of Dhekhnam/Munkhāsh? (I'm asuming they both spoke the same thing)

Mark responds:

Dhekhnami is the modern decendent of the ancient Munkhâshi language. I haven't got much information on it yet, just a wordlist and some notes. For instance, it's a consistent head-first VSO language. (The phonology is, so far, disappointingly close to Barakhinei. I'll have to work on that.)

There are temples of Gelalh and the other Dhekhnami gods... the people can worship the ktuvoks there. And, of course, anywhere they show up...

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